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The Jawa That Shot R2

Best Combo if you moved a pilot into a different ship

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3 minutes ago, Celestial Lizards said:


Han: "That's not how Blount works!"

His ability means the attack always counts as hitting, even if no damage was dealt. This affects things like Stealth Device, and Kylo Ren (Upsilon).

TLT does 1 damage on a hit. With Blount you always hit. A Ghost with a docked shuttle has 4 TLT shots

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Lt Blount in a Y wing for guaranteed TLT hits
(edit: just noticed his TLT craziness has already been mentioned for the Ghost, which may be a better choice)

Biggs in a Z-95 for max point efficiency

Wedge in the Millennium Falcon

Darth Vader in a Tie Interceptor freeing up his EPT since he doesn't need PTL, and won't be as dependent on his green maneuvers

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23 minutes ago, Celestial Lizards said:

Then why did you say 4 guaranteed hits?


The way the TLT card is worded.  The "Perform this attack twice (even against a ship outside your firing arc). Each time this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage. Then cancel all dice results."

Your dice don't matter as long as it "hits" and Blount always hits even if your dice produce no damage.

Lt. Blount reads:

"When attacking, the defender is hit by your attack, even if he does not suffer any damage."

So you would get 2 guaranteed hits from the first TLT shot, then 2 guaranteed hits from the Attack Shuttle title. (Guaranteed meaning if you are in Range 2-3.)

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