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Wardrobe Mistake in Magnificent Kimono(LOL) and Spies at Court

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14 hours ago, roguefrog said:

I am sure the team can take the hit on this one without their fanbase coming to their defense like there are "barbarians at the gates."

Fourth page. Your words. The discussion has not "moved on since then."

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16 hours ago, roguefrog said:

Ignoring the tone police for a sec, the reason I didn't address the mirror argument is it is groundless. Pure conjecture. IF there was a mirror it would be evident in the art. There is no case here. File under the prior blindness defense of ones pet dev on full display. 

Um...the art makes it downright obvious there's a mirror.  If there were no mirror, the kimono would be layered the other way, duh.

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