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Whirlwind Question

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This was posted on the facebook feed, but figured it deserved to be asked here.

When Karnon performs Whirlwind;
Action: Perform an attack with a Melee weapon targeting all adjacent monsters. You make 1 attack roll and each monster rolls its defense dice separately.

Targeting multiple monsters (at least one of which is a minion), can he use his heroic feat?

Heroic Feat
Use when you perform an attack with a Melee weapon that targets a minion monster, after dice are rolled. You may change the result of each attack die and power die to a different result of your choice.


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2 hours ago, Arachnomorph said:

I'd say no, because HF targets single minion, and whirlwind targets multiple minions. However, i can't  think of any similiar ability (that targets specific type of monster) to compare it to.

I disagree. Karnon's Heroic feat may be used if a minion is targeted. If Whirlwind (or e.g. Tarha's Heroic feat) targets a minion monster along with other monsters that condition is fulfilled.
Karnon may change the result of any die in his attack pool and may thus modify the entire attack accordingly.

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