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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about The Inquisitor's Handbook (Questions 71-80)

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71. Are Ghiliam considered humanoids (mutants) for the purposes of sorting in the bestiary?
———— > A few might have some minor mutations, but for the most part they are debased humans. If you need to sort them, they aren’t technically mutants. 
72. When it mentions a weapon requiring a crew of 2 people to operate successfully how does that function mechanically? Is it unusable by  1 person? Is there a negative modifier? Do both operators require training to use the weapon together?
———— > It might depend on the weapon, but generally assume 1 person can’t do it on their own and yes both need training. 
73. When it states that the Heavy Flamer is an effective terror weapon, is that just description? Or can it inflict a Fear test in certain circumstances?
———— > Description, but depending on the target the GM might invoke Fear. 
74. This is sort of a lore contradiction brought up from the Timeline. Seems the uprising of the War of Brass took out Gelmiro a long time before the current date of the game (100 years or so), but the IH states that this only happened recently (roughly 3 years ago)? Thoughts?
————— > Clearly there were errors in the astropathic time stamps from the messages concerning the events :)
75. Following up on Gelmiro lore, is Anolian Hesh still alive from his uprising?
———— > Really up to the GM. Even if he died, I’m sure there would be followers ready to carry on his work and take his name. 
76. So how's Fenksworld dealing with that food shortage after Tsade II got seemingly destroyed? Or has Tsade II recovered since the attack? The description makes it sound as if it was a planet wide issue.
——— > I’m certain the sub-sector Adeptus Administratum adepts have efficiently and promptly determined a way to keep the planet fed. Or there could indeed be mass starvation and rioting if that makes for a better adventure!
77. Does Fane Takara make all Voss pattern weaponry? Or just the Hellgun and Hellpistol?
————— > Probably not all, but a good portion of them for sure.
78. Of what planet is the 21st Artor Artillery Brigade from?
———— > Artor, of course :)
79. Any rules for Razor Wire? I'd ask about Proximity Alarms but plenty of those exist already in the system.
———— > It’s more a narrative device. You could say that failed checks to move through (or any checks at all done while in them) them inflict minor wounds, or cause a character who gets entangled to move slower from their injury for the rest of the session. 
80. Unlikely I know, but any information on Captain Vestanek from some "5th Comapny”?
————— > Nope, totally up to a GM to flesh him out :)

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