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Thoughts on Changing the X-Wing Beginner's Guide

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I'm starting this thread because I want feedback on a decision I am considering for my X-Wing guide (If you are unfamiliar, it's called "X-Wing Beginner's Guide" and it can be located in these forms under pinned posts).

I'm in a bit of a quandary with the guide, currently, so I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. I need to figure out this current issue and I wanted some community feedback.

Preamble: I made the guide to make casual games with my friends more accessible. Our group is competive, but we play casually (if that makes sense). So on that end, we are obsessed with balance for our games, and unfortunately, the game is not balanced at all, at higher levels. Costing of certain ships and upgrades causes many ships to be effectively worthless or very overpowered.

This is nothing new for competive players. However, my issue is that since I was trying to make the guide for competitive players AND my play group (who uses all of the "Suggested Erratas"), the guide was lacking what it could be for both parties. For competitive gamers, some of my suggested upgrades and lists aren't competively viable. On the other hand, because I suggest buff sand nerfs for pilots and upgrades for casual play, my explanations of those cards were not accurate for my playgroup (as the explanations were applicible for the standard official rules). 

Because I made the guide for my playgroup, I have decided that with the next update, I'm probably going to switch the focus of the guide's text, suggested upgrades, squads, etc. to fully encorporate all of the "Suggested Errata" as the norm for the guide. While this may be beneficial for some people (like my play group), it will most likely prove to worsen the guide for most of the people using it. 

Once I'm finished with my next update (and I choose to go this route), I think it may be appropriate for someone else (or group of people) to take over the "competive" guide. What are peoples thoughts on this?

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Hey there.

Ive checked out you beginners guide long ago and it is a great document. I am, however, a bit torn on the issue.

What it does is assist in listbuilding and discuss each upgrade. As such, it is very valuable for players that want to read a lot and study the game.

Those, however, will not profit much from the erratas and balance fixes.

The guide as it is is more a " this is our version of unofficial fixes with some squadbuilding archetypes for the lazy". Which is great.

However, i feel that a true beginner doesnt feel the balance issues that much. He will just get stomped if he encounters a netlist.

So, a true beginners guide for me would be a campaign with prebuilt lists that introduce more and more features...


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I think you've got it right.  It's frustrating, I'm sure, but you can't make thecdocukent be both things.  I don't know if this would make it easier for you, but maybe try to message Major Juggler about his alpha testing of a community balance mod.  He's got a pretty thorough and mathematically rigorous series of changes that are going through playtesting by some members of the community right now, and he might be interested inmore playtesters.

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