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Seeking Advice from Veteran Fliers

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2 minutes ago, JJ48 said:

I was just thinking last night of how the B-Wing has spots on it that put me in mind of Japanese WW2 aircraft, and how cool it would be to paint up miniatures in various WW2 colors.  Maybe the Gunboat could be olive drab with the US Army Air Corps roundel!

I like it! I also think GUNBOATS would look great painted dark blue with yellow stripes down the sides like some of the US Navy aircraft! 

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10 minutes ago, JJ48 said:

Paint the small, middle wings yellow?

Hmm... that’s certainly an option! I might paint either the edges of the wings yellow or give the three main wings yellow ace stripes. Also an option to paint the GUNBOAT dark blue/black and yellow stripes like a bumblebee! I might do that. And then clip off the wings and add little transparent insect-like wings just to bug everybody! :P

(pun intended)

Also, the turn this thread has taken has made me think we now need a GUNBOAT Painting and Modification subforum... and a GUNBOAT Off-Topic subforum... and a GUNBOAT Squadbuilding subforum... actually, let’s just create a GUNBOAT forum completely separate from the X-Wing forum so we can leave all the nerf-herders behind and only have wholesome, GUNBOAT-based conversations! :)

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I would highly recommend making it clear to your opponents that you are a new player, and make it clear that you're interested in learning the game and having some fun first and foremost.  Large-base turret ships are not something that I would recommend in an introductory game for any number of reasons.


That's not to say you can't learn to handle them (you can), or that they're bad play experiences (they don't have to be); but they take the game in a direction different enough from a small-ship dogfight that it's probably better to leave them out initially unless you're interested in diving directly into mid- to high-level competitive play.

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12 hours ago, JJ48 said:

I have a poor memory, so I don't remember all the lists, but I think I've encountered both.  The last two times were definitely Dash, though.

What ordnance do you recommend?  Most of the ones I have appear to attack at 3, and the lists I played last night seemed to be pretty much guarantee 3 evades every turn (at least once a turn; I'm still working on coordinating flying so that I can get two pilots firing on the same ship!)

 For the torpedo department, Plasma torps and Adv. proton torps are your two best (in my opinion) options currently.

Plasma torps does up to 4 damage on the initial role and then removes a shield after damage is calculated. if this goes off at full power, (and against a YT-1300, the odds are in your favor. still good for the yt-2400 but not as much.) you'll be knocking 5 shields off both of them. This package comes in at 3 points, which is surprisingly very workable, unlike proton torps that come in at an awkward 4. Downside is that it's range 2-3 only, so if you're firing these without some post attack movement you'll be taking a return shot from dash. Falcon you'll be worrying less about.

Adv. Proton torps (or APT), roles 5 dice, although at range 1 only. Good against Dash, because unless it's something crazy he normally has HLC and can't fire at range 1. Bad for when your in Rey's primary arc. also cost a whopping 6 points, but you get to convert up to 3 blanks to focus results. So as long as you have a focus token you're almost guarenteed at a minimum at least 3 hits.

Proton torps are nice, but a bit expensive for what it does. Ion torpedoes are interesting, but fall in the same category. Seismics are neat, but only do one damage. flechettes fall in same category as seismics, but also hand out stress after the damage, if the opponent has 4 hull or less.

In the missiles department, you have slightly more options:

Proton rockets: If you fly ships with high agility, this is a valueable option which allows you to roll 5 dice at range one. Also you don't need a target lock, you just simply need to hold a focus token. same thing for APT applies here, basically. all though it takes less to set up because of the focus requirment. 

Cruise missiles: Almost the same deal with proton rockets, although it's based on movement, not agility. also works at 2-3 instead of one. Still rolling 5 dice.

Cluster missiles: range 1-2, you get to perform 3 dice atk. twice! 


Things to help you seal the deal (maximize damage):

Guidance chimps (chips): helps you turn stuff to hits, unless your primary is at least 3, then its crits.

Extra munitions: Let's you add a token for two points to all your ordnance.

Thread tracers: helps set up target locks. 1 point missile.

Fire control system: After performing an attack, lets you take a target lock. great to pair with extra munitions.

Long range scanners: for certain ships, lets you set up an easy target lock in the early game. situational in the later stages because you won't always be  beyond range 3 in the late game to reacquire target locks.

Crackshot: EPT that cancels 1 evade result. really nice one time use. Or put it on tomax Bren (top tie bomber pilot out of imp vets) and use it as much as you want.

i'm sure there's an obvious upgrade i'm missing, but this is a  good starting point (at least i hope.)

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Probably the best advice I can give is to go have a look at a squadron builder (like this one). It'll show you what all the pilots and upgrades do, as well as what expansions they're in. 

If you're still struggling against Dash, though, I'd recommend this Vader build:

Darth Vader (29) + TIE/x1 + Advanced Targetting Computer + Engine Upgrade + Predator + Proton Rockets.

With boost you should be able to get range 1 quite easily, then just focus and fire your missile. Remember that you don't need to spend the focus to fire it, so you'll have a reroll plus focus to modify. If you can manage R1 without boosting, of course, then just focus+TL.

The problem with that build is that the first two cards are in the Imperial Raider expansion. If you can't proxy, you might try the Inquisitor as an alternative. Normally, he likes to stay at R3, but against Dash he can stay close just like Vader - make sure to give him Push the Limit.

Against YT-1300s it's just a matter of firepower. I assume you've come up against the C-3PO + evade builds? Either on Han, or with Rey + Finn for extra tankiness? Like you said, by far the best solution is to shoot them multiple times, but that can be hard to achieve if you're lower PS and they have boost. Some solutions:

1. Bring a turret yourself. Everyone hates Dengar, but **** if he isn't good.

2. Imperials are very good at high PS. Bring PS11 Vader/Quickdraw with some missiles.

3. Quickdraw, generally. She's amazing. Fire Control System for consistent rerolls, Lightweight Frame for defence, season to taste. Expertise is good, if expensive.

4. If you haven't yet: buy the TIE/fo expansion. Learn the terrible beauty of Omega Leader (+ Juke + Comm Relay, both in the expansion itself!). She suffers against the bomb meta, but given enough time she will solo any Falcon.

Good luck and have fun! 

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