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Elboron of Ithilien

New to the game and new to Scotland

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Happy Hobbit Day!

I bought the core game last year and played it once but it got shelved while I played X-Wing and Destiny. I have recently moved to Scotland and want to add to my collection and play more of this game. Do people know of any stores that support the game or any gaming groups I could join?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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This is a bit of a delayed reply, but hopefully can be still useful to you!

I live close to a few different stores, and while none of them officially "support" the game with regular events, I am sure there would be people within the communities of these stores willing to play, myself being one of them! I got into the game fairly recently as well, and while I have played solo, there are a few other newbies around my area as well. We have talked one of the LGS owners into signing up for the next LOTR event, which should be great fun!

It depends on which stores are close to you, however if you are in the central Scotland area, Glasgow/Stirling/Edinburgh, then there are a good amount of stores and attached Facebook groups, and I am sure one would be able to help you get some games in with others. Also, seeing as you play X-Wing and Destiny, these are pretty big in the store I frequently visit (I play Destiny as well!). 


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