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Demoralized: A Waiqar battle log

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So, our second Escalation League started at Gameology, 100 point matches for the first two weeks. I have just finished painting my Core Set Waiqar forces, so I decided I'd just run with that. My opponent brought 3x2 Spearmen, 2x1 Oathsworn, and Kari Wraithstalker. The objective was Demoralize Their Forces (get 10 points for charging into an opposing unit's flank), and the terrain pieces were Swamp and Stronghold.

The terrain was put pretty close together, and I'll be up front: my mistake was charging through the gap of the obstacles. If I hadn't done that, I could have waited for him to come to me, because his 3x2 unit of spearmen had no way of getting to my half of the field. Doh! I would have been able to pick off his cavalry and Kari, all the while shooting his spearmen with my archers.

Eventually, he got his Oathsworn Cavalry around the swamp and behind my Spearmen, but my Reanimates had turned to face him. It didn't help me because the horses had Bull Pennon, and managed to deal us the Flee in Terror card, so the skeletons turned around and ran right into his Spearmen. We were surrounded! Daqan in front and behind, and a swamp and a stronghold on either side! We attacked the spearmen. Blank blank. Wait, I get one reroll: blank. Sigh. Next round, I had no rerolls: blank blank. That was just crushing. And he hit my Reanimates in the back, getting an objective token.

The upside of this whole match was that I dealt the Loss of Faith morale card to his spearmen 3 times! We did more harm to his army with morale cards than with damage! It ended up 110 - 22, Daqan victory. I learned a lot, and I hope to be a little more prepared next week. 

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Morale is surprisingly lethal! When my pal and I first split the starter he was pretty down on Reanimates, but slowly he's come to love that morale modifier on their dial. Also, certainly don't worry too much about the results of 100pt games. Particularly with Kari on the table, they swing pretty wildly! Hard to get much use out of blight without a full force on the table. My advice, don't underestimate how tough the carrion lancer is! If you can get that thing on the flank of his Spearmen, he'll be all day trying to kill it.

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15 minutes ago, Bhelliom said:

My advice, don't underestimate how tough the carrion lancer is! If you can get that thing on the flank of his Spearmen, he'll be all day trying to kill it.

Yeah, the Carrion Lancer was the worst casualty of my decision to rush into battle. The Spearmen rolled three hits on their charge, and with a threat of 3, that was one squashed bug. The whole game would have been different if I held back, but I didn't want to be that guy who stalls. I'm beginning to have more respect for people who delay and wait for a favorable engagement.

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I figure since things are slow on the forums, I might as well update you all on my league adventures.

Game 2 was better than game 1. We managed to kill all but a tray of Spearmen, and destroy his Oathsworn Cavalry, and we completely lost Ardus and the Reanimates. My Reanimate Archers did serious work, and in round 8, I thought I had even won - until Kari, just in range, took out a tray of my archers, and stole the victory.

Game 3 was against Waiqar. It was Volatile Runes at 150 points. I set up in my left corner, he had his whole edge to set up on (can't remember the name offhand). So I set all my guys in my corner kind of hiding behind terrain, and we ended up making a very thick field of Volatile Runes in between the terrain on the far left board edge. My opponent put his 3x2 of Reanimates right in front of those runes, but when the game started, we had 7 runes showing, and then 6 runes on round 2, so he didn't dare risk the rush, and had to shift around, which took them out of the fight.

He had the Master Crafted Weapons + Combat Ingenuity 3x2 Carrion Lancers on my right flank, coming in at an angle. I was able to get my Carrion Lancer to dash forward and take out his 2x1 of archers, setting him up for a blight+march the next round into the flank of his Carrion Lancers. Ardus also got to charge the Lancers, but it must have been before they had the blight, because they retaliated and took out Ardus in a single attack. My Reanimates tried to charge, but Ardus was in the way, so we finally got my Reanimates in on the next round. Yeah, I think that's when he did a rally to clear a Panic and Blight token. He still had his 3 threat, and death 15 damage to my Reanimates! I was dumbstruck - those things hit HARD! Nevertheless, my Lancer on the flank had Rank Discipline, rolling 2 red and 2 blue, and slow whittled them away. Meanwhile, my archers were raining blight and death upon his Reanimates that were slowly coming around the rocky outcrop. I think he ended with 1 tray of Carrion Lancer and 2 trays of Reanimates, whereas I had my full 2x2 of Archers and my Carrion Lancer. Yay, I got a win!

Game 4 was my first match against Latari Elves. It was not what I expected because a) he used Scions instead of Deepwood Archers, and b) his Leonx riders were a 2x3, so he didn't have a lot of room to pull crazy shift shenanigans. Aliana was for real! He set her up across from my archers and Maro because, hey, we couldn't attack her with her Ambush Predator. Oh, the objective was Bounty at 200 points, the deployment was Hammer and Anvil and I chose the blue long side. He designated his Leonx unit as the Bounty and I designated my Reanimate Archers. Unfortunately, I had to move my Archers close enough to get shots at his 2 units of 2x2 Aymhelin Scions, which opened them up to an ambush attack by Aliana. They never got to fire a ranged attack even once. Ankaur only fired twice, and never used Fortuna's Dice, which was silly of me because he was RIGHT NEXT TO THE LATARI MEMORIAL! He had inspiration for days, and for some reason, I neglected that. Sigh.

So this was an interesting game because combat didn't actually start until round 4, so there was a lot of set up. The best part was when my Reanimates with only 3 trays remaining dealt a severity 4 morale test to the Leonx riders, sending them running away. Unfortunately, his Scions blocked their escape, so they didn't go far, and they came right back. Ardus had charged right through Maro to attack a unit of scions, but he fell short, and ended up blocking Ankaur's ranged attacks for the rest of the game. Silly, silly me! It was a really close match by the end of round 8, except that he scored 75 points for my Bounty unit of Reanimate Archers, moving it from a 5-6 loss to a 3-8 loss, my worst one to date. Like Flightmaster always says, "You have to play the objectives!"

Here's a pretty good shot of the set up as of round 2. My Carrion Lancer is far left, working his way towards Aliana.



And this is the round that my Reanimates send those furry beasts running for their lives! You can see my Reanimate Archers in the background trying fruitlessly to draw a bead on Aliana, who is ready to pounce! This is also where Ardus runs right into the fray, while Ankaur Maro grumbles about how the Deathborn Legion never listen to him, unlike his perfectly obedient Reanimate minions - "You're in my way, Ardus!"


Next week is the last week of the league, another 200 point match. I think I am going to try Mistlands Saboteur again. Can you imagine if we could take Ambush Predator off of Aliana? Or Moment of Inspiration off of the Leonx? Yeah, that sounds good.

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Last night was the last game in the league. It was awesome! My opponent and I had so much fun. I wrote up an email to my brother about it, and then I thought, "What the heck, might as well paste it here?" As an aside, why is it that I take pictures of the mediocre matches, but the ones where I don't take pictures end up being awesome? Sigh.

Waiqar (me)
Ankaur Maro (Violent Forces, Fortuna's Dice)
Spearmen 2x2 (War Crier)
Reanimates 3x2 (Raven Standard Bearer, Mistlands Saboteur)
Reanimate Archers 2x2 (Combat Ingenuity)
Carrion Lancers 2x1 (Rank Discipline)
Daqan (Ivan - not my son, a different guy)
Lord Hawthorne (Might of Daqan, Shield of Margath)
Kari Wraith Stalker
Deepwood Archers 4x1
Oathsworn Cavalry 4x1 Rank Discipline
Rune Golems 2x2 (Wind Rune)
The objective was Confluence of Magic, and the deployment was Hammer and Anvil, I got my whole edge to use for deployment, up to range 3 deep, and he deployed in the center, range 5 from either side and range 5 into the field. We had two Rocky Outcrops and Elevated Terrace. The runes were 2 Natural and 2 Stable, and stayed that way the whole game.
I set everybody on my left half of the board except my Reanimates, who were just right of center. There was a rocky outcrop in the center. He set his Oathsworn across from my Reanimates, and Kari further to my right, while his Rune Golems on my left, facing my Carrion Lancers (with Ankaur Maro coming in from the left flank so he could see the target and shoot). So basically, there were 3 theaters of battle: 1) Left flank, Ankaur Maro and Carrion Lancers vs. Rune Golems, 2) Center: Spearmen and Reanimate Archers vs. Deepwood Archers and Lord Hawthorne, 3) Right flank: Reaniates vs. Oathsworn Cavalry and Kari Wraithstalker.
First round, the right flank enemies moved forward a bit, while my Reanimates remained stationary. In the center, my Spearmen marched forward to give blight to the Deepwood Archers, and my Reanimate Archers came up behind them. With no unstable runes, I knew his Rune Golems couldn't march 4, so I felt safe with Rally and 3 march with my Carrion Lancers, but his Wind Rune gave him a shift 2 and a little extra distance from the reform, so my Carrion Lancers got too close. Ankaur moved forward into position to fire on the Rune Golems.
Round 2, I made a mistake. I realized that I had a unit with decent charging capability in my Spearmen (that's unusual to me as a Waiqar player), so I charged into the Deepwood Archers. I forgot I still had a blight that my opponent could spend, and I should have performed a march to engage the Deepwood Archers, but then done a skill modifier to send the blight to the Rune Golems instead of choosing a Charge modifier. Oops. So I only got to War Crier one blight this game. I also thought there was no way he was going to march 4 with his Oathsworn on the right, so I took a chance on a late charge speed 3 (which is only a 2 because Reanimates). Well, we went first and missed the charge and he bumped us, so we both got panic tokens.
Instead of round by round, I will now discuss each theater of battle. Let's start with the center. My Reanimate Archers decided the Spearmen had things sorted, so after a single volley into the enemy archers, they reformed to help out the Reanimates. Lord Hawthorne tried to charge the Spearmen, but he overlapped the Deepwood Archers. Then the Deepwood tried to shift to disengage from my Spearmen, but Lord Hawthorne was still behind them because of his incomplete turning charge. My Spearmen defeated the Deepwood Archers, but by then Lord Hawthorne had shifted to the side and charged properly. We attacked him once, and suffered from Shield of Margath. Then I decided to shift away to disengage (to be continued in the left flank).
Left flank. I don't remember how we got engaged, but I think his Rune Golems used Wind Rune again, and shifted into us. He tried out Stun on one turn when I would have attacked first anyway, but it didn't do much - we had a hard time breaking through 6 defense anyway because of 2 Stable runes. I thought about flipping one of the Stable runes to Natural, but Ankaur needed Stable for 2-dice attacks. Actually, he may not have needed it. He dialed in Mortal Strike and Fortuna's Dice for 2 mortal strikes every round, easily making him MVP for this game. Most of the morale tests against Carrion Lancers for shooting into melee came up as 2-cost cards, so I was safe. On the flip side, the best morale test we caused ended up granting inspiration tokens to Ankaur Maro and the Carrion Lancers, which was perfect timing to enable Ankaur Maro to ready Fortuna's Dice the second time. The Carrion Lancers ended up taking only a single wound from the Rune Golems because of that round where they stunned instead of attacked. By the time he got some good attacks in, the Rune Golems had no rerolls, and decreased threat. Ankaur dealt the killing blow to the Rune Golem without even needing Fortuna's Dice. This left my Carrion Lancers free to aid the Spearmen. During the turn the Spearmen attacked Lord Hawthorne, the Carrion Lancers performed a turn 3, lining up perfectly! I knew Lord Hawthorne would attack early, so I dialed in a shift to disengage with my Spearmen at the same initiative as my Carrion Lancers were set to blight and charge. It worked! The spearmen disengaged, enabling the Carrion Lancer blight, and then we marched right into his flank. The next round, he decided to reform to face my Carrion Lancers, since my remaining Spearmen had disengaged. He also did +1 defense to punish my Carrion Lancers, so when we attacked, he still had the blight token! We rolled 3 surges, converted them to Mortal Strikes because of the blight, which was enough to destroy Lord Hawthorne after the Spearmen had already wounded him. It was so good! It made me wish that I had remembered to War Crier again to put blight on the Rune Golems. They would have gone down HARD!
Right flank. As you can probably guess from the setup, this was going to be a little rough. The Reanimates attacked the Oathsworn, killing one horse, and causing a severity 2 morale test, which was HUGE! I could choose between Loss of Faith or Uncertainty. Loss of Faith is good, but I learned last game that the opponent chooses which tray to remove, and since he already had one horse gone on one tray, he would choose that one, and I wasn't wild about that. Uncertainty allowed me to reform the horses, which was way better! We also used Mistlands Saboteur to take away Rank Discipline. So the Reanimate Archers got some okay shots in, and the Reanimates got a great flanking attack on them. He still had 3 trays because they defense up, and Kari came in and flanked the back edge of my Reanimates. But without rerolls, the Oathsworn weren't quite so scary, and we whittled them away to a single horse before my Reanimates finally fell. The Reanimate Archers tried shooting Kari because we already had full points on the Oathsworn, but that one horse came too close, and we had to shoot it. Which was fine because Kari was too tough anyway. Oh, and Kari's attacks on the Reanimates' rear took a tray off the Reanimate Archers each time, so by the time the Reanimates were defeated, the Reanimate Archers had no rerolls. Blasted daggers. But we managed to stick a blight on Kari, so in round 8, she didn't do enough damage to take more points from my Reanimate Archers, and we survived with 6 figures.
This was sooo good! My opponent and I both had a blast, and I can't wait to play more games! Oh, I guess I should give the final score: 168 - 112, my favor. Another win for Waiqar!

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3 hours ago, Darthain said:

I've read enough forum to know Waiqar can't win, sorry this story is false. 

...well, I did kinda sorta use Daqan Spearmen in my squad, so...maybe there's some truth to what they say?^_^

But in all seriousness, it was their own fault for going and getting themselves killed so Ankaur could animate their corpses to fight on behalf of Waiqar. I'm just leveraging resources. On that point, the only things that are truly alive - Ankaur Maro and the two carrion worms - all survived the combat! Those carrion worms take a lot more work to grow than skeleton warriors, so that worked out well for us.

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