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Enclosed Area Controversy

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Ok, even though the current rulebook for FFG's Through The Desert says that you cannot place camels in enclosed areas, I've seen a lot of people say that Dr. Knizia himself has said that you can indeed place camels there.

Some people say that FFG's rulebook is wrong on this, while others say that is the official way to play it since it's in the printed rules. So, does anyone know which is the ultimate correct way to play? And out of curiousity, what does the german Kosmos Durch Die Wuste rulebook say on this? Also, can someone point me to some proof that Dr. Knizia has said this?

I'd imagine that Dr. Knizia knows best, since he created this game. Though why would FFG change that rule unless for a specific reason? I guess I feel that I should play it the way the rules say, but then I've heard situations may be possible where a player has no legal area to play a camel, and then what happens?

Is there any chance this rule will be changed in the newest printing of Through The Desert which is to come out soon, or does FFG have it that way for good reason?


I'm still desperately waiting for this new printing to arrive!

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