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Influence as money?

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I was thinking of making influence kind of like money in a way.  Say your warband it attacked by a gang and you dispatch the vermin.  You wisely loot the bodies and get some stub pistols,  revolvers,  knives,  and,  say,  every dreg ganger has 2d10 influence on him and the leader had 6d10.  

Or your friendly inquisitor arranges for your band to receive like 300 influence to use. 

You could use influence on a couple ways. 

1.  Spend it. You're at the obligatory tavern,  you spend some influence at the bar to loosen some tongues. You add the spent influence to roles to get info.  Or you just by buy a drink for 5 inf. 


2.. You add it to your acquisition rolls.  Say you have influence 35.  You want a lasgun.  It's +10. You have a basic 45% chance.  Add 30 influence to it from your influence wallet and you have a 75% chance but if you succeed you're out the 30 influence from your wallet. So you have your influence score a d your influence wallet. 

I think that could work for looting bodies,  offices,  etc.  Anyone else do anything like this? 

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On 9/22/2017 at 3:29 AM, Jargal said:

This is called "Throne Gelt" and was used in DH1.

It is 1 of the things I liked about DH1 was there was a cost scale for the PC to buy/sell hardware we encounter in the field.  When you are deep undercover, those Thrones counting sometimes becomes important.   

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