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I  bought the core set a few months ago, but never got a chance to play.  Now that I have some time spare I want to start playing.  But first should I buy a second core set? There is one on sale at my local store that’s been reduced in price.  Or would I be better to wait for the revised core set?



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It may be months before the new core comes out. I would expect the old core to get a price reduction. Waiting is up to you. I think someone did an analysis and figure out one old core and one new core gives a full play set of all the over lapping cards between the cores. You'll probably still need to address the cards from the first two cycles that aren't given as a complete play set. Those old data packs will probably go on clearance as well.

Waiting is always an option but you may come across some really good deals that are hard to pass up.

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