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Looking for Players for PbP game

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If you admit new players to the system, I would love to participate. Still in the process of learning the whole rules, so would require some help in character building. We tend to play SW with other systems (mostly FATE and some hoebrew systems) so I am not that proficient with the EOTE mechanics. I have the books (great inspiration) and can work myself around the system with some help for sure :)

If that is OK for you, I would go for a local human, since you seem quite full of non humans already! An avid reader, he will be looking forward to leave the planet and see the stars. Some experience with a long blaster, several area knowledges (always hungry for outsider stories) and good in a repair shop. Yeah, like was a pal of his cousin. He always found him to be a little bit slow on the head, though. 

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We still have 1 opening, after a new member using the handle "kanila" just joined. Register on the game's board and post in the game's Discussion forum to reserve your slot.

BTW, if we continue to get more people registering and wanting to play after this game fills up don't let that deter you. I'm fairly sure that there are other GMs able and willing to host EotE games on our board. So drop by and take a look.

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