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[Wolf] A hero figure

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The heroes keep asking me about the Wolf, what works on him and what not. There were some confusing answers from Justin, so we are sonfused too. These are some exaples and the conclusions I assume correct:

1) Wolf and Delve(Treasure Hunter) - can't apply +1 heart if the Treasure hunter is adjecent to the Wolf only 

2) Wolf and Roganna the Shade - can't apply +1 heart if the targeted monster is adjecent to Wolf only

3) Wolf and Alys Raine - the Wolf ans Alys Raine are adjecent; the Wolf is dealt damage - Alys can recover fatigue

Are these correct please?

..btw the other 2 heroes...ehm heroine are Syndrael and Ashrian... and the girls kick my ***.

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The wolf is a familiar treated as a figure/hero. He can be targeted or affected by attacks, Monster actions, Hero abilities and feats, hero skills, abilities of items, relics, Search cards and Overlord cards. He is not affected by ally skills, quest rules that refer to heroes, Plot cards, travel events, Rumor cards and all other game effects unless specifically noted otherwise.

As the wolf is considered to be a hero in respect to hero skills and Hero abilities all your examples are correct.

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