Scenery with Sorastro

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On 9/28/2017 at 3:04 AM, Sorastro said:

Nice work manoftomorrow!


I actually found there was very little "shedding" of the flock either from the trees or the bases, but if you really want to seal the bases you could spray on some heavily diluted PVA.

Regarding the edges of the bases; I think there's definitely a trade off between aesthetics and durability.  Being who I am I naturally wanted the scenery to look as good as possible so I went for a very tapered edge to make them look as seamless as I could, but you could of course build your edges thicker to maximise the durability at the cost of the finished aesthetic (and chunky edges might not bother you of course!) :)

Finding more and more this is one of my arguments for 3d printing..... Cost is only slightly higher if you own the printer, but durability is through the roof in comparison!! Also if you use the right detail settings, a quality model to start with and have the patience the "layer ripples" that have some some poo pooing  the method is a non issue.

I'm going to start toying with sculptris to see what i can knead out for a base.



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