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Big Tom Casual

How many play throughs do people have?

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Beat the gathering like 3 times.

Dunwick never beaten but 2 forgotten campaigns stopped at the 7th scenario and half a dozen at around the 4th and 5th scenario mark.

Carcosa beaten once, one promising campaign about to undergo scenario 4.


This list does not include the large number of failed campaigns or abandoned ones due to terrible performances and death spirals.

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My partner and I play one scenario a night, about 5 times a week. 

We've played and beaten the core, Dunwich and Carcosa more times than I've kept track of. We only currently own half of the Forgotten Age, but played through that half maybe 4 times. 

Also own Labyrinth, which we've beaten half a dozen times and Guardians of the Abyss, which we've played through twice but haven't beaten yet. 

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I feel like I've played it quite a bit.  But not compared to some here.  My girlfriend and I have played most of the campaigns so far.  But, I have two other groups I coordinate.  I have a four player game with a couple friend of ours.  And, I have a Tabletop Simulator game with my friend who lives overseas.

Just The Gathering

  • 2-Complete (Once to introduce a friend, Once to test out rules that we discovered we were doing wrong) [2-2P]

Night of the Zealot

  • 3-Complete (1 Loss, 2 Cheater Wins, 0 Actual Victories)  [2-2P, 1-4P]

Dunwich Legacy

  • 2-Complete (1 Loss, 1 Victory) [2-2P]
  • 2-In Progress [1-1P, 1-4P]

Path to Carcossa

  • 1-Complete (1 Victory) [1-2P]

Forgotten Age

  • 1-In Progress [1-2p]


[Edit: WOOPS! Didn't mean to post that several times.]

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