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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

[Cue STAR WARS title sequence and opening crawl.]

The Galactic Civil War rages on.  

The REBEL ALLIANCE and the GALACTIC EMPIRE continue to fight for control of the galaxy.

The DEATH STAR has been destroyed and the REBELS have left the YAVIN system, searching for a new home base to coordinate their fight against the EMPIRE.

The CORELLIAN SECTOR, one of the most important regions of space is now the biggest battleground being fought over by the REBELS and the EMPIRE.

The EMPEROR puts Grand Admiral TREBOR in command of the Imperial Armada, whose mission is to take control of the sector and use it to further the ends of the EMPIRE.

MON MOTHMA of the ALLIANCE, places Grand Admiral JOSEPH in command of REBEL forces, trying to keep the sector from the clutches of the IMPERIALS.

The greatest campaign that the galaxy has ever seen is about to begin....


Me and my friend are about to play a modified version of the Corellian Conflict.

It will be a story based campaign with dialogue and narration.

It will start slow and get bigger and bigger as we move along.

I hope you enjoy this exciting story as the brave heroes of the REBELLION, take on the evil might and determination of the EMPIRE.

Coming Soon:

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[Space: Corellian System outskirts.  A large ship approaches the outer edges of the system, a small distance from the planet Froz.]

[Victory II-Class Star Destroyer Ruiner, Bridge]
Captain Roku: "So, we have finally arrived at the Corellian system.  Lieutenant, what were the orders given to us by Grand Admiral Trebor?"
Bridge Lt:  "Our orders were to survey the area around the planet Froz and report back any suspicious activity, Sir."
Roku: "By suspicious activity he means Rebel activity.  Very well.  Begin scanning the area.  Prepare two TIE Fighter squadrons to launch if needed."
Bridge Lt.: "Yes, Sir."

[Space:  The other side of the planet Froz.  Two small ships move into visual range of the Imperial ship, but stay out of scanning distance. The CR90 Corvette A Pioneer and the Nebulon-B Frigate Support Refit Vogue.]

[Vogue, Bridge]
Commander Torex: "Thats right, Lt. Etis, stay out of their range.  They dont know that we are here yet.  Notify the Pioneer that we will try to evade them as long as we can.  Prepare an X-wing squadron for flight just in case."
Lt. Etis: "Yes, commander.  Sir, do you really think that this is wise?  Our two ships against a VSD-II?  They outgun us pretty heavily, sir."
Torex:  "No doubt, Lieutenant, but sometimes, a good hit and run is all we need to inspire hope for the people who are oppressed by the Empire.  Stay on course.  Order the Pioneer to begin flanking maneuvers, and maybe we can pinch this Imperial ship between the two of us."
Etis:  "Orders are sent, sir.  They have acknowledged.  They are beginning to move around, toward the Imperial's other side."
Torex:  "Well done.  Launch the squadron in three minutes and we will hit these guys quick and fast.  Then hope we can get make a quick getaway before they zero in on us."

The corvette moves to the right of the VSD, preparing to move into the field of battle, while the Nebulon-B frigate stays to the left.

[Ruiner, Bridge]
Bridge Lt: "Captain!  Scans have picked up two ships, sir.  They must have been hiding near the planet Froz."
Roku: "Launch TIEs and go to battle stations at once!  Lets show the Rebel scum how we deal with insurrectionists."

[Space.  Two TIE Fighter squadrons shoot out of the Ruiner's launch bay and form up next to the mother ship.  On the other side of the battlefield, a lone X-wing squadron launches out of the Vogue's hangar and moves out in front of the frigate.]

[Vogue, Bridge]
Torex:  "Darn, they spotted us!  But it was only a matter of time.  Order Commander Loos of the Pioneer to attack at once."

[Space.  The CR90 corvette and the Nebulon-B frigate approach the Victory Star Destroyer.  Both sides have their fighters out and ready.  This will be only a small skirmish in what will turn out to be one of the greatest campaigns in the history of the Galactic Civil War.]

Ship Roster for Battle:  

1 Core Set only!        MAX Point Value: 150
Rebel Alliance  (142)                                                                      Galactic Empire (141)
CR90 Corvette A Pioneer: CMDR Loos (44)                                   Victory II-Class Star Destroyer Ruiner: CAPT Roku (85)
Enhanced Armament  (10)                                                             Grand Moff Tarkin (38), Defense Liaison (3)
Nebulon-B Frigate Support Refit Vogue: CMDR Torex (51)      2 TIE Fighter Squadrons  (TF1, TF2)   (16)    
General Dodonna  (20)             
Weapons Liaison (3)  

X-Wing Squadron (XW1) (13)

Objectives: NONE

Initiative: Rebels (1st player)

Special Rules:  The Rebels must get at least one damage point on the Victory II-Class Star Destroyer by Round 4 and destroy one of the two TIE Fighter Squadrons.

Side Note:  The leaders and ship titles being used do not always mean that the actual commander or ship is there at the fight.  
Grand Moff Tarkin was killed when the Death Star was destroyed, so of course, he is not present at the battle.
CAPT ROKU is using Tarkin's strategy for this battle, while CMDR TOREX will be using General Dodonna's strategy.
I think that makes sense.
However, if one of the actual leaders or ships actually shows up during the campaign, you will read it in the narrative.

Round 1:
No attacks.
The Rebel ships move at speed 1 hoping to get not too close to the Ruiner so early in the game.
The Ruiner stays at speed 2 approaching the Vogue
Squadrons activate and approach the opposing ships.
The X-wings stay with the Vogue, while 1 TIE moves toward the Vogue and the other moves toward the Pioneer.

Round 2:
The Vogue does squadron command and sends the X-wings right after the approaching TIEs.
They score four hits which one-shots TF1 and blows them all into space dust.
They never had a chance!
The Vogue does a long range shot on the Ruiner which scores some shield damage.
The Ruiner returns in kind with a long range attack which is evaded and braced for which results in 1 shield damage.
The Pioneer uses NAV token to increase to speed 2 and move closer to the other TF squadron, TF2.

Round 3:
The Pioneer attacks the Ruiner with concentrate fire scoring no damage, but weakening the shields badly.  
The Ruiner gets to attack with two hull zones on the Vogue at medium range which scores two internal hits, causing power failure on the frigate.
The Vogue retaliates on the VSD, by scoring three hits, which would one of them would have been internal, so the Ruiner DISCARDS it's Brace token in order to prevent the internal damage.
X1 approached the Ruiner's rear hull which has no shields and TF2 scores one bomb hit on the Pioneer rear shield which is re-directed to the side.

Round 4:
The Vogue activates the X-wing squadron which was on the rear hull of the Ruiner.
It bombs the imperial ship causing a re-direct to an opposing shield, but the VSD has no shields left on the rear or sides.
The frigate then strikes the rear hull of the Ruiner causing 1 damage to the VSDII.
The Ruiner takes its medium range shot on the Nebulon-B and rolls three BLANKS!
The Force was with the Vogue!
The CR90A misses with its shots on the Ruiner.
TF2 is ordered to engage XW1, but it doesn't matter.
The Rebels have achieved their victory conditions for this battle, albeit just barely!

Battle Report:
1 TIE Fighter Squadron eliminated.  (8 points REBELS)

[Ruiner, bridge]
Roku: "Report on damage, Lieutenant."
Bridge Lt: "Light damage to rear hull, but that is all, Sir."
Roku: "Get engineering to repair at once.  Lets make them pay for hitting my ship."

[Vogue, bridge]
Torex: "We got a hit on them and one of the TIE squadrons is gone.  We did what we needed to do.  We have to inform Senator Mon Mothma and Grand Admiral Joseph that the Empire is here in the Corellian system.  Lets get into hyper-drive right now.  Relay the orders to the Pioneer."
Etis: "Yes, Commander."

[Space.  The two Rebel ships suddenly launch into hyperspace leaving the Ruiner by itself in the void.]

[Ruiner, bridge]
Roku:  "I had a feeling that they would do that.  A simple hit and run.  Very well.  We'll meet up with them again and next time, they wont be so lucky.  Continue on course for planet Froz, which looks like it will be the first battleground in this campaign for the Corellian Sector.  Also, relay information to Grand Admiral Trebor that the Rebel presence here in this sector has been confirmed."

[Space.  The Victory II-class Star Destroyer Ruiner turns and makes its way for the Froz system.  The Corellian Conflict is about to begin....]

Battle Score:  Rebels: 6  Empire: 5  (MOV Rebels +8)
Campaign Score: REBELS 0  EMPIRE 0
No planets under any control at this time.
Battle does not count in campaign due to it being an exhibition battle.

Next Time:  
Battle 1: Froz
Be there or be square!









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Battle 1: Froz


[Space.  The planet Froz rotates like it always has since its birth.   The Redemption, a Nebulon-B Frigate Support Refit approaches the lonely world. ]

[Redemption, bridge]

Princess Leia: “This is what we need to do, Commander Jurs, Froz has some important diplomats that we need to secure so that we can begin our operations in the Corellian sector.  I have come along on this mission so that I can talk to these people and get them on our side.”

Commander Jurs: “I understand your Highness, but I should really throw caution to the wind.   Only a day ago did two of our ships barely escape an Imperial scanning mission.  The Vogue will be laid up for a few weeks and the Pioneer was sent to another star system.  You are one of our leaders and it would be disastrous if the Empire caught you.”

Leia: “I thank you for your concern, Commander.  Rest assured that I will not do anything reckless while I am here.  At least, not now. “

Lt. Commander Gufry: “Commander, the corvette Traveler has made contact with us.  It is in orbit around Froz.”

[Space.  The CR90 Corvette A Traveler moves into proximity with the Redemption. ]

[Redemption, bridge.]

Lt. Commander Shinold (on screen):  “Commander Jurs, it’s good to see you again, Sir.   And you too, your Highness.  We are ready to stand on guard with you while the Princess travels to the planet surface.”

Leia: “Thank you, Shinold.  A shuttle will be ferrying me down to Froz’ capital city in a few minutes.  Be ready and-“

Bridge Ensign: “Commander, starship coming out of hyperspace!  It’s the Empire!”

[Space.  The Dominator, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer comes out of hyperspace and suddenly approaches the two Rebel ships.]

[Dominator, bridge.]

Captain Yarella: “Nice work, XO.  We have taken them completely by surprise.  This will be easy.  Launch TIE fighters and get us to battle stations.”

Commander Foch: “Yes, Ma’am.  Launch fighters!  Gunnery teams ready!  For the glory of the Empire.”

Yarella: “Rebel scum!  Two puny little ships against my Victory.  Let’s see how long it takes for me to crush you!”

[Redemption, bridge]

Jurs: “Looks like diplomacy will have to wait, your Highness.  It seems that fighting is going to come first this day.”

[Space.  Three X-wing squadrons are deployed into space and form up next to the Rebel ships.  The two TIE Fighter squadrons move out in front of the Dominator.  The battle is about to be joined…]

Battle Roster:


Core Set Only   MAX Point Value: 150


Rebel Alliance (148):


CR90 Corvette A (44)

Defense Liaison (3)


Nebulon-B Support Refit (51)

Redemption (8)

Leia Organa (3)


(3) X-Wing Squadrons (39)



Galactic Empire FIRST PLAYER (146):


Victory II-class Star Destroyer (85)

Dominator (12)

Enhanced Armament (10)

Overload Pulse (8)

Gunnery Team (7)

Expanded Hangar Bay (5)

Weapons Liaison (3)


(2) TIE Fighter Squadrons  (16)



Round 1:

No attacks.

The Rebel Ships decide to split up and try to flank the Dominator. 

The Dominator moves straight ahead as it does not fear the two small Rebel ships.  The TIE fighters and X-wings move toward each other, looking like they will engage on the next turn.


Round 2:

The Dominator is just out of firing range of the CR90A.  It moves forward, knowing on its next turn it will unleash an alpha strike.

The Nebulon-B sends an X-Wing squadron to attack the front of the Victory-II.  It scores shield damage.

Then the Redemption scores 1 shield hit on the Dominator.

But the Redemption gets to fire again from the same hull zone due to ADVANCED GUNNERY!

The Dominator discards its brace, but still takes two hits which knock out the front shield and causes a Damaged Munitions critical.

The Traveler activates a squadron which approaches the VSD but fails to hit.

But the CR90A gets three hits on the side of the imperial ship, which are redirected, knocking out the shields on the Dominator’s right side.

The Imperial squadrons engage the X-wings, forcing them off the Dominator.


Round 3:

The Dominator strikes hard at the Nebulon-B, crushing its forward and side shields.  It uses some of its shields to get two extra attacks, but thanks to some awesome evasion, the Redemption will fight another round, although it did take thruster fissure damage.

Then the Dominator takes a shot at the corvette, but only takes out two shields.

The Redemption fires two strikes at the Dominator due to ADVGUN.  The Victory has no shields remaining and takes three internal damage! 

The corvette fires its side weapons but misses completely.

Then a fierce dogfight ensues between some X-wings and TIE Fighters.  One X-Wing squadron loses a few ships, but an entire TIE fighter squadron is obliterated in one salvo.  The Rebels score 8 points!


Round 4:

The Victory-II Star Destroyer gets it’s payback as it fires from its side hull twice due to ADVGUN and strikes the Redemption in the rear and the side.  A brace can’t save it and the Nebulon-B is finished.  It makes an emergency jump to hyperspace and leaves the area, taking Princess Leia with it.  Since the Redemption was the objective ship for ADVGUN, The Imperials score 114 points!

The CR90A corvette misses from long range on the Dominator and it will be too far away to attack on the final two rounds.  The Traveler enters hyperspace and leaves the area.

One TIE fighter squadron gets some revenge as it kills a damaged X-wing Squadron.  The Imperials score 13 points!

After looking over the battlefield and knowing that Princess Leia will not be able to meet with the Froz diplomats, the battle is over as an EMPIRE victory.


[Hyperspace, Redemption, bridge.]

Leia: “Darn!  We just took too much damage and we couldn’t get close enough to Froz for me to get down there.  It looks like the Empire will get to those diplomats first.”

Jurs: “Yes, Princess, the mission is a failure, but we were able to get out of there in time.  My ship will be in the repair dock for months.”

Leia: “Did the Traveler get away?”

Jurs: “Yes, Ma’am.  They are heading back to the Main Fleet.  It won’t take them long to get there.”

Leia: “Good to hear, Commander.  Make heading for our closest repair base.  After we dock, I will take a shuttle and make a report to Grand Admiral Joseph that we were caught off guard by the Empire and we were not able to make contact with Froz.”

Jurs: “At once, Princess.”

[Froz orbit, Dominator, bridge]

Yarella: “So, we drive off the Rebels and we capture Froz for ourselves.  Excellent.  However, we took some moderate damage.  Get repair crews to work at once, Commander Foch.  Send a message to the Grand Admiral that we are in possession of Froz.  Soon as that is done, send down two companies of Imperial Army soldiers and one platoon of Stormtroopers.  I want no resistance to our take over.”

Foch: “Yes, Captain, at once!”

[Space.  Shuttles leave the main hangar of the Dominator heading for the planet’s surface.  They enter the atmosphere of the planet with nothing standing in their way.]


Battle Score:

Empire 127   Rebels 8   (Empire MOV 119)


Translates to:



Campaign Score (1 battle)




Next time:

Battle 2.  Plympto

Watch for it!!!

















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ahhh...a little of this and a little of that.  

dont want to really get too technical, me and my friend are still learning, but we are doing our best to abide by the rules of the game.

We really just modified the campaign by going after a new planet in turn and see who wins to capture the planet.

This story has a very long way to go...so stay tuned...


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Battle 2.  Plympto


[Space.  Standard orbit around space station Plympto.  Two Victory I-class Star Destroyers, the Vandal and the Grinder are close together trading supplies between each other.]

[Vandal, bridge]

Captain Garth: “Continue loading supplies, Commander Rou, then inform our squad on the station that they may make contact with the skilled spacers on it.  They said that they have information on future Rebel plans in this sector.  Grand Admiral Trebor wants it.”

Commander Rou: “Yes, sir.  Should I tell Captain Hyro of the Grinder that we will be leaving soon?”

Garth: “In a few minutes, Rou.  Let’s be certain that we get what we came for first.  Are scanners picking up anything nearby?”

Bridge Ensign: “No, Captain.  No activity in the area.”

Garth: “Very well.”

[Space.   Out of scanning range of the Imperial ships, a lone CR90 Corvette B, the Dignity, moves at a very slow speed, hoping not to be picked up by the two enemy ships.]

[Dignity, bridge]

Lt. Commander Nyerkim: “Have their scanners picked us up yet, Lieutenant?  I am being very cautious in this maneuver.  I still think that this plan of Grand Admiral Joseph’s is a little reckless.  Here we are.  A small corvette against those Victory Star Destroyers.  If they pick us up too early, we are toast.”

Bridge Lt: “It does seem that way, sir.  I really wish that our reinforcements would get to the Corellian sector sooner before we activate any major operations against the Empire.”

Nyerkim: “I read you loud and clear, but if we wait any longer for our ships, we give the Empire more time to get their reinforcements.  So far, all that we have seen in the last week and a half has been Victory-class ships.  They are tough yes, but not unbeatable.”

Lt: “Yes, sir.  We did put a few dents into one at Froz a little while ago.  I hope we can do the same here at Plympto.  The Imperials already have one planet in their control here in this system, sir.  It would be bad if they captured the Plympto station as well.”

Nyerkim: “Well, let’s hope our support gets here ASAP.  Are all systems manned and ready?”

LT: “Yes, sir.  We are ready to go.”

Nyerkim: “Then let’s prepare to move into danger.  Activate all engines to full power and prepare to our make our rush!  Begin countdown!”

[Space.  The Dignity’s engines start to glow.  The corvette begins to shudder as it prepares to make itself known to the Imperial ships around the station. ]

[Dignity, bridge]

Nyerkim: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Go Go Go!”

Battle Roster:

Core Set.  Expansions: Victory.  MAX Point Value: 160




Nebulon-B Support Refit (51) [In Hyperspace]

Enhanced Armament (10)

Veteran Captain (3)


CR90 Corvette B (39)

Dodonna’s Pride (6)

Ion Cannon Batteries (5)

Nav Team (4)

Defense Liaison (3)


(3) X-wing Squadrons (39) [In Hyperspace]




Victory I-class Star Destroyer (1=Vandal) (73)

Expanded Hangar Bay (5)

Weapons Liaison (3)


Victory I-class Star Destroyer (2=Grinder) (73)

XX-9 Turbolasers (5)




Round 1:

No attacks.

The two Victory Star Destroyers approach the station in the center of the board while the lone corvette goes to speed 4 and tries to stay away from the two bruisers that are approaching it.

[Vandal, bridge]

Garth: “A lone CR90 corvette dares to make war with us?”

Ensign: “He’s an idiot, Captain”

Garth: “Well…I have learned that the bravery of idiots is still bravery nonetheless.  Prepare to destroy him utterly.  Bring all weapons to bear and-“

Ensign: “Captain!  Rebel ships coming out of hyperspace right behind us.  Nebulon-B Frigate with 3 X-Wing squadrons!”

Garth:  “So, the corvette was bait.  That’s better, Rebel scum!  Order the Grinder to close with us and blast these freedom lovers to dust!”


Round 2:

The Nebulon-B Frigate Support Refit Atonement drops out of hyperspace with 3 X-Wing Squadrons to the side of the Vandal.

The Vandal opens fire at the Nebulon-B, the Atonement, dealing life support damage, but not much else.  Then fires at the corvette at long range doing minor shield damage.

The Nebulon-B takes its turn.  The Atonement fires at the rear of the Vandal, only scoring shield damage.  It also fires at the Grinder also doing shield damage.  Then it moves forward, staying behind the Vandal.

The Grinder decides to attack the corvette at long range.  He takes down a shield. Then he fires at the frigate which completely misses.  ALL blanks!  Then moves forward to try to catch up with the Dignity.

The Dignity fires at the Vandal, knocking down a couple of shields, but was out of range of the other Victory Star Destroyer.  Then at top speed, moves away from the front arc of the Vandal.

The X-Wings activate and at range 1 of the Vandal do their bombing runs.  But then need some more training as they only get one hit on the Vandal which is redirected! 


Round 3:

The Vandal fires at the Atonement, but from its rear.  It knocks off a shield point but nothing else.  It fires at the corvette at long range, but misses.  Then the Vandal lands on Plympto Station. 

The Atonement takes its shot at the Vandal.  The Vandal only takes shield damage due to re-direction.  It cannot take a 2nd shot at the other VSD due to it being out of range.  The Nebulon-B never increased its speed and it looks like it will not catch the Vandal or the Grinder.

The Grinder takes a shot at the frigate, but the frigate evades the shots and takes 1 shield hit that is re-directed.  The Grinder does not have a 2nd shot due to other attack zone not in arc.

The Dignity has no shots on anything due to being too far.  It does use engineering to repair all shields.  It makes a strong turn to try to get back into the fight, but it probably won’t have enough time to do so.

The X-wing squadrons activate but are not in range of the Vandal.  They move at top speed to get close, but they cannot fire.  It looks like the Rebels have forgotten how to use fighters in a battle.


Round 4:

The Vandal moves 1st.  It fires at the Atonement from its rear arc at the front of the frigate, but misses as the frigate evades the attack.  The Vandal does nothing.  It does attack two X-wing squads on the side and scores a hit but that is all.  It then moves forward out of the range of the X-wings and pretty much out of range of the Rebel ships as well.

The Atonement tries to get back into the battle and it does have a shot at the rear of the Vandal.  It uses an engineering command to repair shields on the frigate.  The Nebulon-B fires at the Vandal and does three criticals, but the Vandal is able to brace and re-direct and take no damage.  It fires from the side arc at the Vandal, but once again, the Vandal’s defenses prevent damage, but the Vandal has its BRACE discarded.  The Atonement moves closer to the Vandal, but not fast enough. 

The Grinder is next.  It has no shots on anything due to being too far from the Rebel ships.

The Dignity is also too far to attack anything and at speed 4 it makes a tight turn to try to get closer to the Imperial ships. 

Due to the range of the Rebel ships to the Imperials and not wanting to press their luck, the Rebel ships hyperspace out of the area. 



Battle Score:

Empire 0   Rebels 0   (MOV=0)


Translates to:



Campaign Score (2 Battles)



Rebels get the extra point due to being Second Player!


[Hyperspace, Dignity, bridge]

Nyerkim: “Well, that was really a whole lot nothing.  Are the life support systems repaired?”

LT: “Yes, sir.  Everything is operational and we are heading back to the Fleet.  The Atonement is right alongside with as well as our fighters.  We lost a few fighters, but that was all.  We didn’t do anything to those Imperial ships, sir.”

Nyerkim: “Yes, I know, Lieutenant.  We were WAY too cautious.  I hope the Grand Admiral understands.  Maybe we can take this as a moral victory.  We didn’t do anything to them and they really didn’t do anything to us.”

LT: “GADM Joseph seems to be an understanding kind of leader, Sir.  I think that he will be happy that we all just got back in one piece.”

Nyerkim:  “Yes, I think you’re right.  However, though, Plympto Station is now in Imperial hands.  That’s one planet and one very important station controlled by the Empire.  We need to get some reinforcements soon or this whole campaign will be for nothing.  Maintain course for the Main Fleet.  Steady as she goes.”


Next Time:


Battle 3: Phemis


What will happen next?




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Battle 3. Phemis


[Hyperspace.  Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Restitution, bridge]

Commander Porth:  “Faster, Ensign, faster!  We need to get to Phemis and join up with the two corvettes that are already waiting for us.  They spotted a lone Victory I-class Star Destroyer all by itself.  They do have TIE fighters so we need to get there to help them out.”

ENS: “We are already moving at top speed, sir.  She’ll fly apart if we go any faster.”

Porth: “Fly her apart then!”

[Phemis sector.  Two CR90 Corvette As, the Rage and the Prevalent, are moving at high speed.  Closing fast with the Duelist, a Victory I and six TIE fighter squadrons.]

[Duelist, bridge.  A blaster shot is fired and a scanning officer lies dead at his console.  An imperial captain holds the pistol over the body.]

Captain Flavius:  “That is the price of failure, you fool, for not detecting the Rebel ships fast enough.”

Commander Marl: “If I may, Captain, that was a waste sir.  The Grand Admiral does not appreciate that kind of discipline in his fleet.  Trebor is-“

Flavius:  “Trebor is weak and soft.  Only the Emperor’s will matters here, Marl, as well as mine!  Do you understand?”

Marl: “Yes, sir.  I understand.  Two corvettes bearing at 135 mark 3.  Approaching very quickly with one X-wing Squadron.  Our fighters are intercepting.”

Flavius: “Excellent!  Destroy those Rebel ships and then Phemis is ours for the taking.  After we are victorious, I will inform the Emperor personally of my success!  Grand Admiral Trebor will not take away my credit.”


 Battle Roster:

 Expansions added: CR90 Corvette.  Max Point Value: 170


         Rebel Fleet SECOND PLAYER (168)

        Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) (HYPERSPACE)

        Enhanced Armament (10)


        CR90 Corvette A (44)

        CR90 Corvette A (44)

(                  X-Wing Squadron (13)


Empire Fleet FIRST PLAYER (169)

Victory I-class Star Destroyer (73)

Admiral Motti (24)

H9 Turbolasers (8)

Intel Officer (7)

Expanded Hangar Bay (5)


(6) TIE Fighter Squadrons (42)




Round 1:

The Duelist moves first.  Activates squadrons and send 4 TIEs to the center of the map.  No attacks as the Duelist gets into the battle.

The two corvettes move into the battle area and increase speed, as it looks like they are heading right for the Victory I.  No attacks are possible this round. 

The X-wing squad moves toward one of the TIE squadrons.


Round 2:

The Nebulon-B frigate, Restitution, shoots out of hyperspace behind the Duelist.

The Duelist uses a squadron command and sends three TIE fighters to attack the frigate.   The three squadrons score one hit on the Restitution.  They need some training as well it looks like.  Just shields are hit.  One squadron attacks the CR90 corvette Rage, and misses.

The Duelist attacks the frigate, scoring two hits.  The Restitution takes one shield damage due to a brace.  The Duelist attacks the Rage from its front arc at long range, which is evaded and redirected for one shield damage.

The CR90 corvette Prevalent, takes shield hits.  The corvette decides to increase speed and move out of range.

The corvette Rage, fires at the Duelist, doing shield damage.

The Restitution will fire at the Duelist.  He hits the rear arc of the VSD, its braced and a redirect token is discarded, which means shield damage is taken, but the VSD now has discarded a token.  The Restitution attacks the three TIE squads in its range and deals out some hits to the squads.

The Victory I-class Star Destroyer has no shields on the rear or side arcs.

The TIE fighters attack the Nebulon-B, missing the frigate.  One TIE squad attacks the X-wing squad, scoring two hits.


Round 3:

The Duelist concentrates firepower.  He attacks the Rage, dealing shield damage.  He attacks the Nebulon-B escort frigate which takes one damage card.  The Duelist then moves forward and overlaps the X-wings and a TIE fighter.

The Restitution then attacks the Duelist and smacks him in the rear hull, taking two hits and a damage control critical. 

The Prevalent then attacks TIE fighters that are behind it and take them down a notch.  It moves a little closer to the Victory I. 

The CR90A Rage gets its turn.  It slows down and stays within range of the VSD.  He fires at the Duelist, but misses.  The Rebels might need to go back to school also.

The TIE fighters now attack and hit the X-wing, scoring two hits.  But the X-wing retaliates and destroys 1 TIE fighter.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!

Two of the other TIE fighters do attack and hit the Restitution for shield damage.


Round 4:

The Duelist uses a squad command and orders its TIE fighters to attack.  One TIE fighter destroys the X-wing.  IMPERIALS SCORE 13 POINTS!  Another TIE fighter attacks the frigate, penetrating it and it takes a damage card.

The Duelist attacks the Restitution.  Shield damage only.  It then attacks the corvette Rage, but also only does shield damage.

The Duelist, now with moderate damage, tries to move away from the battle.  No joy though. 

The Restitution fires a concentrated shot on the UN-shielded rear hull of the Duelist.  It is severely damaged.  Then the frigate attacks a TIE fighter that was close to it and destroys it.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!  The frigate keeps the VSD in range.  They have learned from the Plympto battle to not let the Empire get too far way. 

The Prevalent takes a long range shot and hits the Duelist.  Damage is taken. 

The corvette Rage, which is too far away from the VSD, turns toward it.  He decides to attack the TIE fighters him and scores a hit on one of them. 

The squadrons activate and do a couple of bombing attacks on the Rebels, but get nothing.


Round 5:

The Duelist decides to repair two shield points.  Decides to attack the Nebulon-B.  Two hits are scored and the INTEL OFFICER is exhausted to force the Restitution to discard it’s evade, which it does in order to avoid some damage. 

The Prevalent makes an attack on the Duelist.  The Duelist takes two more damage.  One more will kill it.  The Prevalent strikes again and deals another hit to the Duelist.

As escape pods fly from the doomed ship, the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Duelist explodes in the darkness.  Not all of the crew got off though.  REBELS SCORE 117 POINTS! 


Battle Score:

Rebels 133    Empire 13   (MOV +120)

Translates to:


Campaign Score (3 Battles):



[Restitution, bridge]

Porth:  “Great job, guys!  We were able to eliminate a Victory Star Destroyer.  Send down forces to Phemis and make sure we make friends with everyone.  Tell them we are here to protect them from the evil of the Empire!”

ENS: “With pleasure, Commander Porth.  We have finally taken one from the Imperials.  If sure feels good to get a little payback, sir.”

Porth: “Yes it does, Ensign.  But I have a feeling they won’t underestimate us again.  Notify the Rage and Prevalent that we are going to provide medical facilities to anyone who needs them.  Also make sure we get the names of everyone that was in that X-wing squadron.  They are heroes and they need to be honored.”

ENS: “Yes, sir.”

[Lambda-class shuttle, Hyperspace]

Flavius:  “Set course for the Armada.  Priority one, Lieutenant.”

Shuttle LT: “Yes, Captain Flavius.  We will be there in four hours.”

Flavius: “Also, send a message to the Emperor.  Tell him some changes need to be made in the Armada.”

LT: “The Emperor, sir?”

Flavius:  “You heard my order, Lieutenant, the Emperor.  I wish to tell him that Grand Admiral Trebor has failed his majesty.”

Next time:

Interlude 1

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Interlude 1:

[Space.  A Lambda class shuttle exits out of hyperspace and enters a sector of space a few parsecs away from the Corellian sector.  Then, another ship comes out of hyperspace.  It’s an Interdictor-class cruiser, the Inhibitor.]

[Lambda-shuttle, cockpit]

Captain Flavius: “What?  Why am I being met by an Interdictor cruiser?  I was supposed to be contacted by Grand Admiral Trebor himself.  Lieutenant, contact that ship.”

Shuttle LT: “Yes, Captain.  This is Duelist shuttle 001 calling Interdictor.  Are you receiving?”

[The view screen on the shuttle activates and an image appears.]

Captain Fram: “This is Captain Fram of the Interdictor combat cruiser Inhibitor.  Is Captain Flavius aboard that shuttle?”

Flavius: “This is Flavius, Captain Fram.  What is the meaning of this?  Trebor was supposed to meet me himself on board his command ship.  Where is the Armada?”

Fram:  “You are still far from it.  Grand Admiral Trebor has sent ME to meet you, Flavius.  He has ordered me to receive your full report.  So give it.”

Flavius: “I will only give it to Trebor.  I want to show him the full extent of his failure at the planet Phemis in the Corellian sector.   Then, I intend to make a full report to his majesty, the Emperor!”

Fram: “Indeed? Yes, the GADM has already been notified of your message to the Emperor.  He has allowed your message to be received by his majesty on Coruscant.  He has sent a response to your inquiry, captain.  Would you like to hear it?”

Flavius: “Yes, I do, Fram.  Show me the message.”

Fram: “As you wish.”

[The screen flickers and a holographic image of the Galactic Emperor appears on the monitor.]

Emperor: “Captain Flavius of the ISS Duelist, now destroyed.  This is your Master speaking.  I have received your message and after careful consideration of your information I have determined that you, captain, are a FOOL!”

[The image disappears.]

Fram:  “By order of Grand Admiral Trebor, you have been found guilty of excessive discipline in your command.  You do know that the Grand Admiral does NOT tolerate executions for failure.  It is wasteful of life and the person who failed does not learn anything.  He has heard about the killing of your scanning officer before you engaged the Rebel forces at Phemis.  He was extremely disappointed.  He believed that he had purged all officers under his command that he felt were diabolic.  It appears one slipped through the cracks.  He has concluded that you, captain, cannot be redeemed.  Therefore, you are to be excised from the Armada!  Activate gravity wells!”

[The Lambda shuttle shudders and is suddenly trapped in space.  Its movement stops.]

Flavius: “How can this be?  I am loyal to the Emperor and his will is to be carried out by all means necessary.  I demand to meet with Trebor and I will tell him personally that—“

[A blaster shot is heard.  Captain Flavius’ eyes go wide, his mouth opens but nothing comes out.  Then he slumps forward onto the shuttle deck, lifeless.  Behind him, the Shuttle Lieutenant holsters his blaster.]

Shuttle LT:  “The Grand Admiral’s orders have been completed Captain Fram.  Do I have your approval to have this shuttle board your ship, sir?

Fram: “Your conduct is satisfactory, Lieutenant.  You may board the Inhibitor and we will return to the Armada.”

[The Lambda shuttle is released from the gravity well projectors and it flies into the Inhibitor’s docking bay underneath the cruiser.  Then the Inhibitor’s engines flare and the ship soars into hyperspace.]


[Somewhere, in a very large room on board a very large ship, a man approaches a mirror and looks at himself.  He smiles.]

Grand Admiral Trebor:  “I am one with the Force…and the Force is with me!”


Next time:

Battle 4:  Forvand

Should be fun!

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2 hours ago, rjl51869 said:

Current state of the Campaign:

(3) Battles




3 battles.JPG

I must say, I was skeptical about this at first, but I am really loving how you are building up to a larger battle. These smaller skirmishes are really more akin to the early battles of the GCW. 

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19 hours ago, schmidty1701 said:

I must say, I was skeptical about this at first, but I am really loving how you are building up to a larger battle. These smaller skirmishes are really more akin to the early battles of the GCW. 

a new expansion is introduced with every new battle.  trust me we have a LONG way to go on the campaign itself and the characters


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Battle 4: Forvand


[Space.  A deep dark nebula is on the outskirts of Forvand Station which is still far away.  Coming out of hyperspace appears a small Rebel defense patrol.  Four X-wing squadrons surround two Nebulon-B Support Frigates.  The Atonement and the Penance.]

[Atonement, bridge]

Commander Grayson:  “So that is the Forvand nebula.  How far are we from the station?”

LT: “About one parsec, sir.  The nebula is pretty large and it’s already wreaking havoc with some of our systems.  We really aren’t even close to it yet.”

Grayson:  “Can we compensate for some of the interference?”

LT: “It will be tricky, sir.  Especially if the Imperials have anything to say about this system.  It’s been about a week since we blew up one of their ships.  I’m surprised they have come down on us harder, sir.”

Grayson: “Grand Admiral Joseph believes that the Empire is going to play with us and this system for quite some time.  So he wants us to take as many systems as we can before they begin to mean business.”

LT: “I hope you’re right, sir.  Oh…we have a message from the Penance.  They signal they are ready to enter the nebula and make their way to the station.”

Grayson: “Very well.  Bring engines up and prepare to make speed to Forvand.”

LT: “Yes, sir.”

[Space.  The two Nebulon-Bs and the X-wings begin their turn into the Nebulon.  But they don’t make it far as suddenly, three TIE fighter squadrons and two Victory I-class Star Destroyers, the Bruiser and the Boxer, shoot out of a dark area of the nebula.]

[Atonement, bridge]

Grayson: “I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.  All hands to battle stations!  The Empire is trying to prevent us from reaching Forvand!  They laid a surprise trap for us here in the nebula.  Let’s show them that we will protect our freedom and the freedom of the galaxy.  For the Alliance, prepare to defend!”


Battle Roster:


Expansions Added: Nebulon-B    Max Point Value: 180




Rebel Fleet (Second Player): 178




Nebulon-B Support Refit (Atonement) (51)

Defense Liaison (3)


Nebulon-B Support Refit (Penance) (51)

Enhanced Armament (10)

Redemption (8)

Defense Liaison (3)


(4) X-Wing Squadrons (52)


Empire Fleet (First Player): 178



Victory I-class Star Destroyer (Bruiser) (73)

H9 Turbolasers (8)


Victory I-class Star Destroyer (Boxer) (73)


(3)  TIE Fighter Squadrons (24)


Objective:  NEBULA OUTSKIRTS (No Station on playmat though just dust clouds)


Round 1:

No attacks!

The two Nebulon-B’s decide to head for the ISS Boxer, which is on the far side of the map.

The two Victory I’s close in on both Rebel ships.

Squadrons activate and all four X-wings head for the Boxer as it looks like they are all going to gang up on one enemy ship at a time.

The TIE fighters move to intercept the X-wings.


Round 2:

The dust fields wreak havoc with both sides as no attacks can be made.

The Imperials still move closer to the Rebel ships while the Atonement gets dangerously close to the Boxer.

The squadrons get into the fight as two TIEs engage two X-wings.  The X-wings have trouble with the Nebula and only a couple of TIE fighters are shot down.


Round 3:

The Bruiser takes the first shot and scores shield hits on the Atonement.  The Atonement, un-fazed by the attack strikes the Boxer with a frontal strike that is re-directed.  It also attacks the Bruiser which does 1 point of shield damage.

However, the Boxer and the Atonement bump into each other TWICE!  Scoring two damage cards.

The Penance make a shot but rolls badly and misses. 

The squadrons take their turn as TIE fighters and X-wings dance around the map.  Some X-wings take damage, but one TIE squadron is eliminated.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!


Both sides are now very close to each other and it looks like a number of alpha strikes might just decide who controls the system.


Round 4:

The Penance gets into close range of the Bruiser and takes a full strike to the side.  It is braced but the frigate suffers bad damage.  It take its shots against the Bruiser, but the rebel gunners definitely need some training, if they live through this.

The Boxer and the Atonement have no shot on each other due to dust field blocking the arcs.  Two TIE fighters sweep down on two X-wings and blow them out of space.  IMPERIALS SCORE 26 POINTS!   The Rebel ships know that time is running out, but they decide to try one last attack!


Round 5:

The Atonement suffers more damage at the hands of the Bruiser.  Now crippled, the Rebel ship enters hyperspace and leaves the battle.  The Penance does more shield damage to the Boxer, but with not enough time remaining, it leaves the battle as well.

One more TIE fighter squadron is blown up before the Rebel X-wings leave the area.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS! 

But the Empire captures Forvand Station.




Battle Score:


Empire: 26   Rebels: 24 (MOV=2 Empire)


Translates to:




Campaign Score:






[Hyperspace, Atonement, bridge]

Grayson: “How many people did we lose, Lieutenant?”

LT: “A lot, sir.  We just barely got into hyperspace when we could.  The Penance is right behind us.  Setting course for the Main Fleet.”

Grayson:  “There really wasn’t much we could do.  The Empire was clearly waiting for us and they knew where we would be on the outside of the Nebula.”

LT:  “I hope Grand Admiral Joseph doesn’t demote you, sir.”

Grayson: “No, that won’t happen.  He’s not that kind of person.  We got away and that will be enough for him.  The Atonement will be in the repair dock for a while, if not scrapped.  He will make the right decision for us.  Anyway, I heard that our reinforcements have finally arrived.  Fighting Victory-class Star Destroyers are not easy with Nebulon-B frigates and CR90 corvettes.”

LT:  “Yes, sir, that is good news.  Is it the Mark II Assault Frigates that we have been waiting for?”

Grayson: “Yes, son, and those are just the start of the help we are getting.  Maintain course and head for home.”


Next time:


Battle 5: Raider’s Point


See what happens!


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Uh oh! Imps might be in trouble with the AF Mk.IIs! But I am going to assume the Imps. will be receiving Gladiators, and then the fighter squadron packs for both sides?! "And that's when things got knocked into twelfth gear..." <-  Had to throw in this quote lol. Great job as always, looking forward to reading more!

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im glad everyone is enjoying these stories as me and my friend have enjoyed playing them. 

yes, we are FINALLY getting new ships and squadrons to play with. 

but the point values stay low until later.

to quote Count Dooku from Attack of the Clones, "This is just the beginning!"

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Battle 5: Raider’s Point




[Space.  The vast nebula at Raider’s Point.  Huge, malevolent and awesome.  Shooting out of hyperspace is the Warlord, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer.  It makes its way towards the nebula at a moderate but cautious speed.  A few minutes pass and six TIE fighter squadrons launch out of the Warlord’s hangar bay and take positions next to the Imperial ship.]


[Warlord, bridge]

LT: “All squadrons have been launched, Captain Bleak.  They have formed up alongside us and await further orders.”

Captain Bleak: “Very well, Lieutenant.  The Warlord has been outfitted with some good upgrades this time.  I think that we will crush any Rebel forces here at Raider’s Point.  The Spynet here at this sector is known for having very good and reliable information.  We will procure its secrets today and then capture the system.”

LT: “Moving ahead at moderate speed, sir.  I’m ordering our sensor teams to increase productivity.  Nebulas have a habit of messing with our sensors and scanners, captain.”

Bleak:  “Very well.  Maintain course.”


[Space.  Inside the dust clouds of the nebula, two Rebel ships lie in wait for the Victory II.  The Nebulon-B Support Frigate Reclamation and the newly arrived Assault Frigate Mark II-B Crackerjack.  Two X-wing squadrons are escorting the larger ships.]


[Crackerjack, bridge]

Captain Gold:  “This is going to be a great day.  The Imperials don’t even know we’re in the nebula AND they still haven’t found out that we got some reinforcements in these new assault frigates.  I want to give that Victory-II a bloody nose!”

Commander Sether:  “We might be able to do more than that, Captain.  With a Nebulon-B helping us, we might just take it out.  However, according to scanners, that VSD has some good upgrades for this mission.”

Gold: “Yes, I saw them XO.  Plus having six TIE squadrons is pretty good protection.  I hope our X-wings can take out a couple of their fighters.  As much as I want to put that Imperial ship out of action, I still have to obey my orders for the mission.  Get the spynet information and capture Raider’s Point.  Losing Forvand Station hurt us a few days ago and we need to make up some ground.”

Sether:  “Yes, sir.  We definitely need to give a little payback to the Empire in some way.  The entire Corellian system is counting on us.”

Gold:  “Well, let’s not let them down this time.  Activate engines to full power and inform the Reclamation that we are going in.  Let’s gets that payback you were talking about, Commander!”


Battle Roster:


Expansion Added:  Assault Frigate Mk II   Max Point Value: 190



Rebel Fleet (1st Player) (176)


Assault Frigate Mk II B (Crackerjack) (72)

Intel Officer (7)

Gunnery Team (7)


Nebulon-B Support Refit (Reclamation) (51)

Enhanced Armament (10)

Weapons Liaison (3)


(2) X-Wing Squadrons (26)


Empire Fleet (2nd Player) (174)


Victory II-class Star Destroyer (Warlord) (85)

Warlord (8)

H9 Turbolasers (8)

Overload Pulse (8)

Intel Officer (7)

Expanded Hangar Bay (5)

Sensor Team (5)


(6) TIE Fighter Squadrons (42)



Round 1:

No attacks this round.

The Crackerjack moves forward but turns slightly to get the Warlord into its side arc.

The Warlord moves forward into the battle.

The Reclamation moves into the area as well but keeps its forward arc towards the Victory-II.

All Squadrons move into the battle, 3 TIE Fighters get into position to attack the 2 X-wings, while 3 other TIE fighters approach the Nebulon-B.


Round 2:

All the units seem to stay out of the dust fields in the nebula with some good positioning.

The assault frigate is not in range to attack yet. 

He moves closer to the Warlord.

The Rebel ships are moving very cautiously, keeping their speed slow to allow the Victory-II Star Destroyer to get closer to them.

The Warlord uses a squad token to activate 4 TIE fighters, due to expanded hangar bay.  They attack the X-wings and the Nebulon-B.

They knock out 4 X-wings in one squadron but fail to destroy it.

The Warlord moves closer to the Crackerjack.

The Reclamation is in range to fire at the Warlord.

The Warlord takes shield damage.

The frigate does an anti-squadron attack at an approaching TIE fighter, which misses.

The frigate then moves closer to the VSD.

The X-wings decide to get some revenge for their fallen comrades.

One X-wing squad obliterates a TIE fighter squad.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!

The other X-wing squad immolates another TIE fighter squad.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!

The TIE fighters now move and get closer to the Reclamation, but no attacks.


Round 3:

The Crackerjack has the Warlord in its side arc.

Using concentrate fire, it attacks the Warlord.

Attacking the front hull of the VSD, with the help of Intel officer, the Warlord takes damage on the front hull.

The AFMKII, does some damage to a TIE fighter squadron nearby.

It moves forward to keep the Warlord in its side arc.

The Warlord activates squadrons.

A TIE fighter attacks the damaged X-wing that was near it and puts it out of action for good.  IMPERIALS SCORE 13 POINTS!


Other TIE Fighters attack the frigate getting a little shield damage.

The VSD strikes the assault frigate, but does moderate shield damage only.  It also attacks the frigate, but misses.  The Imperials still need training it looks like.

The Reclamation decides to attack the Warlord, even though it is surrounded by TIE Fighters, attacking the weakened side hull of the VSD.

It scores 2 ACC and 3 HITS!

A huge blast into the Warlord, which scores 3 internal damage.

The frigate attacks the side again from a different hull zone and scores a critical hit, “Disengaged Fire Control” and another hit.

The Warlord is not looking good.

The Squadrons attack. 

X-wings destroy another TIE Fighter.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!




Round 4:

The Crackerjack attacks the Warlord from the side.

The Warlord loses its brace for the game, but it does suffer shield damage.

Then the Crackerjack flies into a dust field, shielding it from attack.

The Warlord does shield repair, which was very badly needed.

The VSD decides to attack the Nebulon-B support frigate, Reclamation.

The Reclamation, due to overload pulse, has all defenses exhausted.

But the only damage it takes is shield damage.

The VSD however, continues to move forward, exposing a very fragile rear hull to the Rebel ships.

The Reclamation decides to fire at the Victory-II, but scores only shield damage.

X-wing squadrons do a bombing run on the Warlord, one is re-directed but one goes internal.

The Warlord, being the flagship of all Victory-class Star Destroyers in the Imperial Armada, cannot afford to be lost at this juncture.

TIE squadrons attack the Reclamation, but are unable to do anything.


Round 5:

The Crackerjack fires out of the dust field and at the rear of the Warlord from two hull zones.

3 Hits and 2 Accuracies!

The ACC cancel out the defenses and three go internal.

Just before its impeding destruction, the Warlord leaps into hyperspace and escapes the battle.

But the Rebels still get the score for its “destruction”.  REBELS SCORE 118 POINTS!




Rebels claim Raider’s Point sector!

Battle Score:


REBELS: 142    EMPIRE: 13   (MOV=129 REBELS)


Translates to:




Campaign Score:





[Crackerjack, bridge]

Gold: “Yes!  That is how it’s done!  I told you that this would be a great day for the Alliance.  We not only gave that Imperial ship a bloody nose, we put it on life support.  What is the final report, Commander?”

Sether: “We knocked out the VSD and three TIE fighter Squadrons.  We lost one X-wing, but no damage to us or the Reclamation.  It looks like a great victory for us, sir.”

Gold:  “As I knew it would be.  Communications, now that the Empire has left the area, are we receiving any transmissions from the Raider’s Point spynet?”

COMM: “Wait one, sir.” (pause) “Captain Gold, the information is starting to come through.  I’ll send it over to your quarters for you to debrief it, sir.”

Gold: “I’m on my way there.  Commander Sether, come with me.”

[Crackerjack, captain’s quarters.  Captain Gold has just finished analyzing the cryptic message that was sent from Spynet.]

Gold: “So, it looks like the next target in this system is Centerpoint, but they are not sure if it’s the station that will be attacked or another part of the system.  But the info has been confirmed.  So now, that means that we can be ready to thwart the Empire once again.”

Sether:  “Should I alert the Main Fleet that Centerpoint is next, Captain?”

Gold: “By all means.  The sooner they know, the better.  I’m not one that likes to waste time, Sether.  Get that transmission sent!  Then, order the Reclamation to place sensors all over Raider’s Point as this system is now under our protection.  As I have said before, what a day for the Alliance!”


[Hyperspace, Warlord, bridge.]

Bleak:  “According to damage control, this ship will be out of action for weeks, if not months.  We barely escaped.  However, when we return to the Armada, I will inform the Grand Admiral that Rebellion reinforcements are starting to arrive.  Their new assault frigates are going to be very tough nuts to crack.  But that being said, the Empire shall also be receiving reinforcements and when they get here, the Alliance will be annihilated and the Corellian sector will belong to the Empire!”


Next Time:


Battle 6:  Centerpoint


A great one I hope!


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Battle 6: Centerpoint




[Space.  Some distance from Centerpoint station, outside its scanning range, a large minefield protects the system.  For a moment, the system is empty, then shooting out of hyperspace, a lone X-Wing Squadron soars into the area.  The fighters stop short of the minefield.]

[X-Wing: Purple Leader]

Purple Leader: “Purple boys, this is Purple Leader.  Are all fighters accounted for?”

Pilot (over comm): “Yes, Purple Leader, we are all here.  I just started scanning the minefield surrounding this area of Centerpoint and they indicate that all mines are active.  We need to be careful, sir.”

Purple Leader: “Copy that, Purple Two.  We aren’t going anywhere yet.  The rest of our force hasn’t gotten here.  Any communications from our ships that were supposed to be here with us?”

[Space.  As soon as Purple Leader finishes his question, three Rebel ships appear out of hyperspace right next to the X-Wings.  The Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Acquittal, the Nebulon-B Support Frigate Retrieval and CR90 Corvette B Pretension.]

[Retrieval, bridge]

Adar Tallon (over comm):  “This is Adar Tallon on board the Retrieval.  Glad to see everyone here made it.  You guys might be wondering what we are doing here near Centerpoint’s minefield defenses.  Well, it’s very simple.  After our win at Raider’s Point, we learned that Centerpoint was the Empire’s next target in the Corellian sector.  Grand Admiral Joseph said that engaging the Imperials near this minefield was to be our defensive action before we try to take this system for the Alliance.  So far, the Empire hasn’t taken us very seriously.  He believes as well as I do that that is going to change very soon.  We know the Empire is here somewhere in this system.  So all ships, to your stations and prepare for battle.”

Commander Moeh: “Adar, the Acquittal and the Pretension are giving us the signal that they are ready for anything.  Our X-Wings have formed up to our right side.  I hope one fighter squadron is enough for this.”

Tallon: “We didn’t have much choice, Commander.  That was all we could spare for now so let’s hope the Empire didn’t bring too many TIE Fighters with them either.”

[X-Wing: Purple Leader]

Purple Leader: “Okay, boys.  Form up next to Tallon’s support frigate, the Retrieval.  We will stay with them and protect it from any enemy fighters that come its way.”

Purple Two: “What about those mines, sir?  What if the Empire attacks through that minefield anyway?”

Purple Leader: “We will cross that bridge when we come to it, Purple Two.”

Purple Four: “Well, Purple Leader, it looks like that bridge just came to us.  Imperial ships detected!  Just coming out of hyperspace on the other side of the minefield.”

Purple Leader: “Purple Four, is there a reason why you always try to keep spoiling my day?”

Purple Four: “Not my intention, sir.  Although my mom did say that when I was born, a black womprat was seen outside our bedroom window.”

Purple Leader: “I knew it had to be something like that.  Radio the Retrieval and let Adar Tallon know what you just saw.”

Purple Four: “Roger that.”

Purple Two: “Purple Leader, this is Purple Two.  I think the Empire has brought some help.  I do see a Victory-class Star Destroyer but I’m not sure about the other ship.  It looks smaller though, sir.”

Purple Leader: “I recognize it.  Tell the Retrieval that they are going to have their hands full.  The Empire has just introduced Gladiator-class Star Destroyers into the campaign for the Corellian sector.  Which means, our jobs just got tougher.”

Purple Two: “Roger that!”

[Space.  Two Imperial ships and one TIE fighter squadron form up alongside the minefield.  The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Wildcat and the Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer Iconoclast.  Both ships turn to face the small Rebel attack force and prepare to do battle.]


Battle Roster:


Expansions Added: Gladiator.  Max Point Value: 200



Empire Fleet (1st Player): 198


Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer Iconoclast (56)

Grand Moff Tarkin (38)

Engine Techs (8)

Intel Officer (7)

Sensor Team (5)


Victory I-class Star Destroyer Wildcat (73)

Director Isard (3)


(1) TIE Fighter Squadron


Rebel Fleet (2nd Player): 200


Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Acquittal (57)

Enhanced Armament (10)

Intel Officer (7)


Nebulon-B Support Refit Retrieval (51)

Adar Tallon (10)




CR90 Corvette B Pretension (39)

Advanced Projectors (6)

Nav Team (4)

Weapons Liaison (3)


(1) X-Wing Squadron




Round 1:

No attacks.

The Imperial ships move forward into battle and barely avoid the mines.

The Rebel ships aren’t so lucky.

The two Nebulon-Bs avoid the mines but the corvette forgets where it is and strikes TWO mines.

The Pretension takes 3 damage and one critical very early into the battle.

There is no escape as the Pretension lights up the darkness and vanishes. IMPERIALS SCORE 52 POINTS!


It never got to fire a shot.

The X-wings and TIE Fighters fly into the fight.


Round 2:

The Wildcat approaches a mine and smacks it.  Takes a critical and one damage.  It received blinded gunners as the critical.

Adar Tallon’s Retrieval moves even closer to the Gladiator-I.  No attacks since it’s still too far away.

The Iconoclast strikes the Retrieval, doing shield damage, but it also strikes a mine and takes a critical hit.  Its capacitors are knocked out.

The Acquittal takes a shot at the Wildcat, scoring shield damage but that is all.  Then moves forward into a mine as well and it takes two damage internally.

The mines are making short work of the Rebels.

The squadrons decide to engage one other and begin dog-fighting.


Round 3:

The Wildcat uses an engineering command and repairs one damage card. 

He then fires at the Acquittal, striking it on the side.  It takes shield damage, but was able to evade the 2nd shot from the Victory-I.

The Wildcat moves even closer to the Rebel ships, smelling blood.

Adar Tallon’s ship uses a squadron command and activates the X-wing that are near them.  They strike the TIE fighters and blow them out of space.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!


Then Adar Tallon re-activates the X-wing and they approach and attack the Wildcat, scoring two shield hits.

Then the Retrieval attacks the Iconoclast, not doing much of anything.  Then it takes a side shot at the Wildcat, but doesn’t do much of anything.

The Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer has a great shot at the Retrieval.  It fires from the front and side of the ship at close range, doing major damage to the Retrieval.  It takes FOUR internal hits, crippling it.

Adar Tallon has no choice.  With one damage point left on the Retrieval, he calls for an immediate retreat.  Both the Retrieval and the Acquittal activate hyperdrives and warp out of the system.

The Empire takes Centerpoint!



Battle Score:




Translates to:




Campaign Score:






[Retrieval, conference room, three hours later]

Tallon (raising a glass):  “We are here to pay respects to the brave men, women and alien races that were on board the Pretension, which was lost to mines at Centerpoint.  They gave their lives in the hope that freedom will live on and that peace will someday return to the galaxy.  They will be remembered as heroes who fought for the cause.  Let their memories never fade away.”

ALL: “Let their memories never fade away.”

Lt. Commander Hogry: “Commander Tallon, I have just received word from sickbay, sir.  Commander Moeh has passed away.  He took shrapnel from one of the hits we received from the Imperials.  They couldn’t save him, sir.”

Tallon: “He will always have a place in my thoughts, Hogry.    It seems that every day in this war, we lose good souls to the void.  Make sure his family is notified and send them my condolences.”

Hogry: “Yes, sir.  Oh and one more thing sir, Grand Admiral Joseph has requested to speak with you.  He is sending a signal from the flagship and he wants you to receive it in your quarters.”

Tallon: “Very well.  I’m on my way there now.”

[Space.  Purple Leader’s X-wing fighter]

Purple Leader (to himself): “Let those who fall, rise up above all!”




Interlude 2




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