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2 minutes ago, KungFuFerret said:

I wouldn't think your standard "boys in white" are "elite", by the game's mechanics.  When I think "elite" I don't think "disposable minion trash that is just there to die."   When I think "Elite Imperial Trooper" I think that relegates them to Rival/Nemesis status.    Minion level Troopers are the backwater idiots that get stationed at Mos Eisley doing checkpoint detail, or the guys talking about the T-16 model that just came out, etc.     The guys who are just doing their stint in the Imperial Army so they can go to college, and the National Guard wasn't accepting that week.    Those are minions.   Peppering groups of minions with one or 2 Elite Troopers (Read Rival level skill), seems more appropriate when you are ready to increase the difficulty on your party.

Yeah I think for me it's always a problem when something gets really built up story-wise but is not reflected in the mechanics. That is why I quit playing D&D, it fights you on everything. 

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