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So how about an XCOM 2?

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With the release of the awesome video game I wonder if we will see an XCOM 2?

One where you have:

-a small separate board you have to defend (similar to the base in the first board game) and could potentially get different bonuses depending where you fly to but can also run into UFOs that you have to defend against or take Base damage

-instead of defending earth, you almost have a reverse goal of liberating each continent, gaining bonuses for doing that and the difficulty increasing with each liberation (working similar to he panic reduction in the first game)

-could incorporate a different alien leader in place of the original board game's scenarios, so the three alien leaders, the Lost zombies and Advent (easier mode)

-otherwise similar concept of completing missions and establishing bases to decrease Alien control and eventually unlock the final assualt on the alien big boss/base. 

-different factions you can align with to get one of their special units and unique tech added to the science deck.


Still 4 roles:

commander controls money, and new for this version: where mobile base moves to for fighting in that region as well as the ability to fill in the blank spots of your base by drawing two room cards and choosing which room to build (costs money) and must roll to use each rooms benefit each round but provides lasting benefits for the rest of the game:

-power (allows two more blanked out spots to be built on)

-psi lab (grants use of a psi unit which is super unit)

-turret (auto kills or deals 2 damage to one enemy each base defense)

-shadow chambers (super research cards)

-resistance comms (grants extra envoy for sector officer)

-advanced warfare center (allows one killed soldier per day to be placed here for a turn and healed instead)

-lab (grants one auto success per round for research) 

science research and tech same as the first game, rolls for research and controls the captured dead

Squad Leader assign to missions/base defense

sector officer app and can assign "envoys" to build relationships with local resistance groups and one or more of the three allied factions, rolling for success on these missions or he can keep these envoys back to increase bonuses to money, troops or tech received

All in all we love the first game and definitely want more!

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What I'd like to see would be a campaign game (not necessarily Legacy, but I could probably live with it) though the tricky part would be designing a suitable opposition force.

My vision is for a squad-tactics game where you play out each combat encounter as a game session, then upgrade and re-equip between games - in other words, the standard XCOM/Total War formula of playing a strategy game in the (very) long run, but having most of the actual game time spent in the tactical game (but with goals and setup arising from the strategic layer) - though a major issue is that if you're doing the strategy right, the tactical battles tend to end up as curb-stomps...

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Kind of sounds similar to the Doom/Gears of War board game, could also work too but definitely quite a different concept from the current version. 


That would be a sweet game too though, especially if they made the character choices involve all of the new options from the expansion. I would be all over any new XCOM board game as in a massive fan of the series

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Yeah, for an Xcom 2, I'd like to see it as a tactical combat game, with campaign rules for upgrading and selecting new missions as you go.
Since Xcom 2 is more of an insurgency game, I think focusing more on the tactical combat would be fun, with strategic actions inbetween missions giving you new equipment and other things.


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