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Looking For Riot Baton

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Like Title Says
I have the following
Force Lightning
Rocket Launcher
Maz's Goggles
Directory Krennic
Death Trooper
Jyn Erso
A180 Blaster x4
Aurra Sing x2
Maz Kanata
Unkar Plutt x2
Royal Guard
Asajj Ventress
E-Web Emplacement
Lone Operative
Smuggling Freighter
Lightsaber Pike
Luminara Unduli x2
Interrogation Droid
Jedi Acolyte
Imperial Discipline
Ascension Gun
Force Heal
Mon Mothma
Since this is the last card I need for my complete Playset I am willing to trade any one of my legendary haves and 3-5 Rares just make me an offer and I will more then likely accept.  I am located in Ontario Canada if that is an issue for anyone.

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