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A little upset about the Spanish National

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Hi guys! We've been hearing rumors all day that Asmodee wants to "join" a big 3 day board games event in Madrid and wants the X-Wing Nationals to be part of that. The problem is that if you only want to take part of the x-wing tournament, you still have to pay for the full access to the event, plus the tournament, which will make it 50€.

They say players will be receiving a board game worth 25€, but considering the Tatooine Open maximum fee was 50€, but included a gaming mat, a vader crew card, and a vader damage deck... I dunno, it feels a bit wrong...

I think I read somewhere around here that something similar happened in the UK... could anyone clarify? Thanks a lot!

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Its pretty common. How much depends on the convention and their pricing structure. Some have a nominal entry charge, some charge a ton. The more expensive ones tend to come with some extra goodies though. A free board game seems like a decent doorprize. 

Many conventions also offer day passes as well as full event tickets. If the Xwing event is only one day you can save money by only getting a day pass.

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