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complaint about the nationals of star wars 2017 in Spain.

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This is a complaint addressed to the center of the FFG OP informing the bad planning and information of FFG Spain regarding the National Tournaments of Star Wars LCG, Star Wars Armada, Imperial Assault and Star Wars Destiny.

At the moment the only official information on the part of FFG Spain is the following: "the tournaments will be celebrated of the 5 - 8 of October" End...

A little over 3 weeks we do not know:

a place.
b / Tournament schedule. (basic for those who only want to play one of the games)
c / Place
d / Price

3 weeks have not opened the registration to the tournaments.

For lack of this information the players can not.

a / Plan free days to attend.
b / Find accommodation if we need to be out of our city more than one day.
c / Plan travel.

I do not go into the issue of whether it is good or bad to put tournaments on Thursday / Friday of a work week. But if I want to raise my complaint to FFG USA so that it is known that if the attendance to the tournaments is minimal is not due to lack of community or desire, it is because the necessary communication between OP and Players is very deficient.

link to the multiple complaints of players with the theme of the national tournaments in Spain:



Sorry for my english but I used translator. xD

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FFG Spain finally said they are going to say something this week. But yeah, it sucks. I wrote them and I am still waiting. 

Maybe we should ask Edge but all is a bit confusing. I am not at all at all the business stuff but if I am not wrong. FFG bought Edge a year ago. Then Asmodee ate FFG and here an official FFG website appeared and they sell stuff so it is a bit confusing from us to really know who the **** is running this.

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For all of us at our LGS was going to be our first national (if it happens). We live at 5h by car, 2h and a half by train, from Madrid. We wanted to go all together but with so little time and the lack of information, in the end, is going to be complicated for some of us. How excitement turns into dissapointment.

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