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Putting a Face to the Name

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Hey, guys! I have been playing X-wing for 2 years now, but have been a Star Wars fan for a long time. Despite my devoted fanship, everytime I play X-Wing, I am suprised by how very little I know about the many unique pilots available in the game. I once looked up Torkil Mux for kicks and giggles and was suprised to find out he was an Arcona! I guess I imagined him as a humanoid when I fielded him.  By knowing his species and what he looked like, I had a better, more connected gaming experience because I could now imagine that pilot more accurately.

That experience got me thinking: what do the other pilots look like? If you have a picture of your favorite pilot, post it! It would be cool to have a biosheet for each pilot for imagining purposes.

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Scum Nym ramming into you and dropping a bomblet



Sol Sixxa droppin bombs on ya



Kavil getting crazy when your out of arc



Ketsu gonna gets you



Old Teroch relieving you of those tokens. "Drink with me, my friend! Forget about those silly focus and evade tokens."








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3 hours ago, MandoBard said:

You know, it'd be pretty cool if Nym showed up in the final season of Rebels, or has something else stated that he got killed in the clone wars era? cause I remember him surviving the games

The rebels hire nym to bomb out the lothal factory. 

Witten and directed by George Lucas 

actually I'd be okay with this if it resulted in we got more time for thrawn, defenders, saw, Jedi stuff, a good mandalore story, etc.

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2 hours ago, DarthEnderX said:

Sadly, the majority of Imperial pilots are made up for this game and, thus, faceless.

True.  But there's hope (not the filthy rebellion building kind :lol:).  FFG is one in a long line of companies that have steadily fleshed out the Imperial pilots with very little to go on.  Howlrunner has been around a long time but only recently have we seen what she looks like.  So maybe we'll get to see more in the future.


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3 hours ago, TheHumanHydra said:

Grr, okay, links for the others I was able to find since I'm running up against the file size limit:

Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian

Wes Janson

Tarn Mison

Ten Numb

There's also a picture of Tycho Celchu, but it's hard to make much out.

Tycho has an alt-art card, doesn't he? Some Guile-esque character with bright blond hair.

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