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Firepray wins a Q3 kit :)

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So, the long awaited follow up to my last report, I took a firespray based list to my FLGS Galleon Games' Q3 16 player event and won!

Anyway, some background. After I packed away my firesprays following a particularly horrible Store Champtionship result swearing never to set eyes upon them again, I foolishly signed up to my local club's scheme to sent two teams to the UK Team Championships next month. I drew the Scum list and immediatly went toward the only scum list I have had consistent success with for inspiration.

Now, as this is for a team effort I can't just put random junk on the line - if it's just me then hey, I pays my money and takes my chances, but the other two guys might not be impressed with that approach, so I decided to run a firespray alongside a strong scum ship. I tried several, going from Asajj, to Dengar, to Bossk, before finally drawing some inspiration from the North American stream and settling on Nym. After some vigorous testing of several builds, and discovering not only a need for a decent PS Bid but also wanting to contribute to the team I settled on the following 96 point list...


Captain Bob

Boba Fett - 50 points

Veteran Instincts, Proximity mines, Cad Bane, Cruise Missiles, Glitterstim, Slave-1 and Guidence Chips

Captain Nym

Veteran Instincts, Cruise Missiles, Twin Laser Turret, Bomblet Generator, Havoc, Guidance Chips, Advanced Sensors, Genius

It's a pretty simple premise - attempt to PS kill something evil with cruise missles on the approach and bomb the snot out of the survivors. Who needs subtlety? I was on something like 6-6 when I went in to the tournament, and at least three of those losses were directly due to my own incompetence. Four of the five of the UKTC team players attended and were testing out builds, along with two other very strong local players so the competition was out in force...

Round One - Alex

My first opponent brought a PTL/Gonk/HU Tel Trevura to the table, backed up by PTL Old Teroch and two dead mans switch Z-95. I thought it was a pretty interesting build, but I rather feel his approach let him down. I dashed in to engage the two zeds before a slow rolling Tel and a flanking Teroch could catch up. Nym could only reach the closest and knocked off his shields (had to barrel roll into range so I couldn't get my Cruise Missile off) and the other infuriatingly dodged with both dice to survive my five hit cruise from Boba. Bugger. Not to worry, During the next round bump fest in the middle of the asteroids, Tel is still out, Terroch takes two damage and one of the zeds explode dishing out damage to everyone. Next round Teroch tries to run one way, the surviving Zed another and Tel finally joins the brawl. Nym bombs Teroch and TLTs the Z-95 and Boba starts work on Tel who now has an impressive collection of tokens on Gonk. I begin to worry about the damage as he chips away at me while I try to wear him down, but I end up only losing half points on Boba.


Round Two - Ash

Ash brought the lovely gift of Torkil Mux with IG-D crew and two slimmed down IGs, A and C I think.He started spread out along his edge and charged in. I saw it coming and jousted the IG on his left flank leaving his other ships out in the cold. Two Cruise missiles later it's down to two hull, and I mop it up with a bomb on the following round, before I am politely reminded that it has a deadman's switch...... Not to worry! Mux goes down pretty fast and is only a minor annoyance as he no longer has enough guns on the board to capitalise on the PS 0 effect, and then it's just a matter of chasing IG-C through the rocks.



Round Three - Pete

Ah, my UKTC team mate. We've had a few games refining our list concepts. Today he flew a PS11 Quickdraw alonside a PS10 Omega Leader and a PS 9 Backdraft. OL had a targetting synchroniser. Fortunately I had enough of a Bid to give him the initiative which made it hard for him to fire his cruise missiles, and meant I could get a good four dice cruise attack on Omega Leader from Boba which got three damage through and allowed Nym's TLT to get her off the board on the first round of shooting, Excellent, got this one in the bag, or so I thought... A couple of bad rolls later Nym is heavily damaged, Quickdraw is on two hull remaining, and just bumps into me rather than clipping Boba's Prox mine (darn!). Backdraft is on one hull and nursing a damaged sensor array. Nym tries desperately to finish off Quickdraw before the inevitable death from Backdraft and fails, and I'm sure that I've lost the game here. Boba has a shield remaining, but is facing two rather agile ships with a decent damage output. I was feeling pretty deflated and had twenty minutes on the clock. A lucky shot finished off Backdraft, and I could not get Quickdraw back in arc through she kept getting rear shots on me. With only a few minutes to go, and two damage away from giving up half points and the match I break off my attempt to fight and maneuver for the board edge. Not my proudest victory, but I couldn't catch her and she couldn't hit me so I figure why try!



Round Four - Mark

I've played Mark a few times lately, and he's an emerging talent at the 1066 club. His round three match went down to a final salvo against a list that had flattened me during testing, and after he lost to me earlier at the week during list testing we had a good dissection of the game to discuss how to beat mine and where I felt he had made mistakes, so he came into this one knowing how I'd fly and what to do. He was playing Dengar/Nym, so a near mirror match. 

He opened with a bit of a mistake, parking Nym on an asteroid allowing me two four dice cruise missiles leaving him on two hull with a blinded pilot crit. the following turn he manages to drop a well placed bomb before melting under Boba's TLT shot. Dengar then goes mad. Fast turns and Barrel rolls limit any chance of bombing him, and the gawds know I tried! In my frustration I broke a cardinal rule. I shot with Boba trying to provoke his revenge shot before using Nym, but he held back. Normally Nym wouldn't have shot that turn, but I thought, he's stressed so no expertise and it's range three. What's the worst that can happen? Nym being left on one health apparently...

I run with Nym and Boba K-turns to set up my next run, and the following round Nym plinks two hull off Dengar before dying (range three through a rock failing to save him,  but hey, I tried!) leaving a one health Dengar staring down a Five health Boba. The following round sees Boba lose two health for no gain, and me wondering where I dropped the ball, but he following run sees us turn direcly away from eachother and Boba getting a range two shot and three hits - Dengar is dead before he can do the same to me.



Such a close game, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! 

The top four worked out as me, Bossk/Ketsu taking 2nd, Mark's Dengar/Nym in third and a weird four ship rebel build in fourth, so I think the global meta is pretty well represented by the result.


So, lessons.

Dengar>Boba. Definately. I had a solid lead in that last round and Dengar nearly solod me. Also Mark's list had faced down another one which had flattened me, and it's leaving me seriously questioning my decision not to fly him. However, I always like to fly something from the films, and Boba is cool so I'll probably keep him.

Boba's bomb did nothing, three wasted points as far as I'm concerned. I don't know if the possibility of bombing changed the way my opponents flew or not, but it did no damage at all. It may be a case of having to 'git good' or I could bin it and stick extra munitions on both ships and still have a three point bid. Something to think about.

TLT>ABT. Controversial I know, and completely down to personal preference. There was only one round over four games where Nym lost a shot due to being doughnut-holed.

Boba is king. Seriously, he's given me two store tournaments in a row. He's great ;)

Compulsory swag shot:


Galleon usually gives a mat away for first prize, but since I have a nice Bespin one already I asked to trade it for store credit, so I have a great game to play with my children and Sabine's Tie which I swore I would never buy :) Great prize support as ever, and looking forward to the next one! Having won this one with scum twice and imperials once, I think it's time to return to rebels. It's high time my T-70s got dusted off....

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6 hours ago, DaProfezzur said:

Congrats on the win.

I was wondering if you had a 96 points list why not adding extra munitions to Bobba?

I did and I never used them in testing. After round four I think it might prove a better investment than a bomb! Also, when facing another Nym initiative is key so the bid is important. Not many people bid as low as 96. Thus also contributes to the team tournament quite nicely.

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What do you think about this list?

Have the 2nd list? Thanks


Boba Fett (Scum) — Firespray-31 39
Veteran Instincts 1
Heavy Laser Cannon 7
Cad Bane 2
Glitterstim 2
Slave I 0
Ship Total: 51
Captain Nym (Scum) — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 30
Veteran Instincts 1
Twin Laser Turret 6
Cruise Missiles 3
Bomblet Generator 3
Advanced Sensors 3
"Genius" 0
Guidance Chips 0
Havoc 0
Ship Total: 46

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Looks good to me! I tend to get Boba stuck in and stay as much as possible in the fight so his pilot ability gets used, so the cruise missile is great for me. I think if you're trying to stick at range Kath might be better? I like flying her with Dengar crew and Expertise so I can get good modified shots off, four dice for every shot except when they are range one behind me :)

i don't have the second place list. Ketsu had a k4 droid and the title, and bossk had a cluster missile. About all I remember!

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So I have a bit of a different take on Boba and Nym- I know conventional wisdom is to follow the Genius+Bomblet route on Nym but I was intrigued by utilizing Minefield Mapper as a way to funnel people the way I wanted, so I put Bomblet on Boba, and I think it might be pretty good!

Boba Fett- 49

     VI, Bomblet, Cad Bane, Engine

Captain Nym- 48

     VI, TLT, EM, Cluster Mines x2, Havoc, Minefield Mapper, R4-E1

I've only been able to play 2 games with it, vs ps 11 QD and Vader Cruise Missiles and vs QD, Vessery, OL. Both times being able to place 2 Cluster Mines after place forces made the opponents fly exactly where I wanted (jousting Boba) and allowed Nym to kite for several rounds. 

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