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Non-educated Guess

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  • Tech: This is pretty straight-forward, same wording as Comm Relay. Guessing same cost.
  • Elite: Not entirely happy with the spacing in the last line, but I can't see that many other options that make sense for now. The point cost is also uncertain.
  • Title: I believe this is the trickiest one. The spacing in the last line suggests "results" in plural. I can only assume that it's focus results, as evades would be a bit too powerful in my book. No idea about the cost, it looks like it's meant to be taken in multiples. 

Let the wild guessing begin!

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I don't understand why intensity Poe wants this.

Comm Relay means he always takes the focus by intensity (or normal!) and keeps the evade. The focus is always uses double, for his ability and intensity, so no harm there. The evade is not used up always, but free to be used if needed.

Advanced Optics means he always takes the evade by intensity (forcing him to boost, as opposed to focus) and in the end he has to spend the evade to keep the option for intensity open. The evade is used up always, forcing the decision between intensity or evade more often.

what am I missing?

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