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This seems a little Janky, but could be fun.

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Deck Created with  CardGameDB.com Legend of the Five Rings Deckbuilder

Deck Clan: Crab

Total Cards: (95)

Total Conflict: (45) Total Dynasty: (45)

Total Influence: (13/13)

1x Shiro Nishiyama (Core Set #1)

1x Keeper of Air (Core Set #214A)

Province: (5)  
Air (1/1) Earth (1/1) Fire (1/1) Void (1/1) Water (1/1)  
1x Defend the Wall (Core Set #8)
1x Rally to the Cause (Core Set #23)
1x Pilgrimage (Core Set #22)
1x Night Raid (Core Set #21)
1x Fertile Fields (Core Set #18)

Character [Dynasty]: (42)  
3x Borderlands Defender (Core Set #31)
3x Hida Kisada (Core Set #37)
3x Hiruma Yōjimbō (Core Set #28)
3x Intimidating Hida (Core Set #32)
3x Kaiu Envoy (Core Set #27)
3x Kaiu Shuichi (Core Set #36)
3x Shrewd Yasuki (Core Set #29)
3x Vanguard Warrior (Core Set #30)
3x Vengeful Berserker (Core Set #33)
3x Seppun Guardsman (Core Set #123)
3x Otomo Courtier (Core Set #122)
3x Miya Mystic (Core Set #125)
3x Eager Scout (Core Set #25)

Character [Conflict]: (3/10)  
3x Ide Messenger (Core Set #191)

Attachment: (9)  
1x Favored Mount (Core Set #192)
3x Watch Commander (Core Set #133)
3x Reprieve (Core Set #132)
2x Jade Tetsubō (Core Set #134)

Event: (33)  
3x Captive Audience (Core Set #196)
3x Levy (Core Set #135)
3x The Mountain Does Not Fall (Core Set #138)
3x Rebuild (Core Set #136)
3x Charge! (Core Set #210)
3x Rout (Core Set #213)
3x Banzai! (Core Set #204)
3x Contingency Plan (Core Set #205)
3x Fallen in Battle (Core Set #211)
3x Court Games (Core Set #206)
3x Good Omen (Core Set #208)

Holding: (6)  
3x Borderlands Fortifications (Core Set #38)
3x Funeral Pyre (Core Set #39)

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The only thing I'm not a big fan of is the Jade Tetsubo. I haven't seen it in play yet, but on paper it's expensive and will give your opponent a fate advantage on their next turn. On top of that you still have to deal with the character in the conflict. The stat boot is the biggest in the game (for military), but most of the time I'd rather have a fine katana and the ability to play one or two more cards.

EDIT: I didn't see the Miya Mystic in there. That one will depend on how much pain attachments are causing you. It's expensive for what it does, so you may be better served by either a character with better stats or maybe Imperial Storehouses for some cheap card draw. Either that or just drop it completely since you are at 45 cards.

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Add Way of the Crab before anything else, as just about all the Way cards are very useful for their clan. Yes, I know some are not that useful, hence the "just about". Imperial Storehouse can replace the Fortifications and other cards be replaced or removed depending on what sort of deck you're building. 

I'd also try to trim it down to 40/40 for better consistency.

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