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"Aces" wish list.

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For the next "Aces" pack, I really would like to see a mixed faction pack. I understand the logistics of people buying only one faction, but I just think it would be a nice change of pace to be able to pick up one pack and get multiple faction (but I digress, that is another topic entirely).


So here is my "wish list" of new aces, thoughts?




PS4 – “?” , (EPT, Astromech, Torpedo, System), no pilot ability.


PS6 – unique, “?”, (EPT, Astromech, Torpedo, System), When an enemy ship declares you as the target of an attack, you may immediately (before the attacker rolls dice) preform a free <roll> (barrel roll) action.


PS7 – unique, “?”,(EPT, Astromech, Torpedo, System),  At the start of the End phase, if you are not stressed, you may receive a stress token and rotate your ship 180°.


Title – E-Wing only. Fifth Fleet Refit:  You may replace your Torpedo upgrade icon with a Missile or Bomb icon. Increase your hull value by 1. Cost: (?)


TIE/ph Phantom


PS6 – “?”, (EPT, Crew, System), no pilot ability


PS8 – unique, “Umbra”, (EPT, Crew, System), After you execute a green manoeuver, you may spend a cloak token to decloak.


Title – TIE/ph Phantom only. “Stalker Squadron” : Your action bar gains the Target Lock icon. Increase your hull value by 1. Cost (?)




PS4 – “Jakku Scavenger”, (EPT, Crew, Bomb, Tech, Illicit)

PS6 – unique “?”, (EPT, Crew, Bomb, Tech, Illicit), Once per round, after you perform an attack that hits, if there are at least 2 un-canceled <hit> or <crit> results, you may choose to cancel those results and deal the target one face-up damage card.


Title – Quadjumper only. “Scrapyard Jolopy”, You may replace any upgrade icon for an additional modification upgrade, (to maximum of 5 modifications). Cost: (?)


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Other ideas:

Title - X-Wing only. "Alliance Refit", Your action bar gains the <boost> icon. Increase your shield value by 1. *This brings the T-65 on line with the T-70 but not quite the same ship, the cost difference being then reflected in the difference in the dial*

*Upgrades to older ships that just need new tokens/pilot cards*

YT-1300 --- blanket reduction of cost by -6pts.


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