[MAFIA] Sands of the New Republic - DAY 1

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In an effort to stop crime warlords from dominating planets, the New Republic wants funds to send a strong military to free those worlds. To convince the senate to provide those funds, a small task force was sent to a remote village in Tatooine to free the locals of the cruel rulings of mobs. If successful, the funds will come through and the operation will follow to eradicate any warlords from the galaxy. You all assemble in a local cantina, trying to expose and get rid of the criminals running the local cartels, but after so much blue milk, you forgot those who truly are agents and those who joined to take profit of the situation and lead you to a disaster.

Welcome to the new game of Mafia in the forums!   (I will now copy Biggs because he describes it best)


No editing your posts.
No talking Out Of Thread unless you are able to do so.
Don't quote (or pretend to quote) Moderator PMs.
Don't spectator-post or like.
Don't post after hammers or daykills.
Don't post after dying.
Don't fake day actions.


What's this game like?

I'm looking for 14 players, but I can scale up if we have enough interest!  Each "Day" will last 48 hours, and each "Night" will last 24 (or until all night actions are in, whichever comes first).  Each day you will need to find and vote to kill the infiltrators.  You can do this by typing "##Vote PlayerName".  You only get one vote, so if you vote again it changes your vote to another player.  You can also "##vote no one" and skip your lynch for the day if the majority agrees.  This is not a good idea.  You are proud agents of the New Republic, and catching the scum and maintaining order is more important than one or two of you being killed by mistake.  It is important to always be communicating.  If someone is being quiet after all, they may just be the criminal trying to hide their true identity!

Once a majority is reached, the hammer falls.If a majority is not reached in votes the day ends with a no lynch.

After the day ends, or the "hammer" falls it becomes Night on Tatooine.  While most crew will return in for their quarters, and the criminal cartel becomes active and causes mayhem.  The mafia  are able to "##Kill" a player each night, so you'll have to find them quickly!  Fortunately some of you may be better equipped for this than the average New Republic agent, and have your own strengths that come into play at nightfall.

What If I am not Playing?

Then please don't post in this thread, or like posts in this thread.  You can certainly read it, though.

How do I win?

Read your role PM, it will tell you what you need to do to achieve victory!

PS: Flavour is relevant, alhtough attempts to use it to find the scum will result in disappointment, seriously, you'll regret it

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Just now, Drasnighta said:

Suggested I should get out my comfort zone.

i doubt it will last long for me anyway 

:D Welcome to the other side of the glass Dras, the tainted one, where the true fun is and people in the observer's lounge shake their heads at every decision made by town :D 

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1 hour ago, Caldias said:

Fully expect Day 1 lynch

if only the meta worked that way... =) 


also anyone whos got something to get off their chest pre game, pm me now

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