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2 hours ago, Vixen Icaza said:

Game worth is relative. Without minis my reaction is along the lines of "That much for a bit of cardboard!" But then I can't really talk I played MTG for a long while :D. 

To be honest I loved the idea of Fireborn but the rules were nearly incomprehensible. I am looking at running a similar background under Genesys, and it is not the only RPG to suffer from this.

Sometimes I like simple and fun, what you are refering to as superficial I think here. I have more than enough more complex games, TI2, Starcraft and Decent to name a few. being able to grab a simple take that dice chucker (AQ) or easy non campaign dungeon crawler (Massive Darkness) also has its uses. I havent tried WizWar, but am really enjoying the new L5R LCG and AH LCG at the moment. And i cannot wait to get my TI4!!!!!!!!

I hear if you pre-ordered TI4 it comes with a free back brace as a bonus :D

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I would love to see a imperial assault style of game. Learn to play could be a group of magistrate have to stop a ronin upraising. The main game would be traveling into the shadowlands. Cool gameplay would be have to collect jade items to keep the taint at bay. Also heroes would have wounds (kinda like the arkham games sanity) If not flip your card & the party would have to battle you. 



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