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On 16.10.2017 at 10:48 PM, Kyla said:

It's not a commercial product, everything I do is free, only thing my patreons get is access to it before anyone else does, but that's because they get to watch my design and writing process, and I use their feedback to make changes to it in the end.

But hey, go ahead and hate SEA. :D

It's neither my call to judge (INAL), nor my issue if some hammer falls down on your project. Lucas licensing can be a pain to deal with. 
My only hate would be for the type setting. And you should know that I love your content, else I would not suffer through all the typographical nightmares you unleash upon us. :P



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Receiving monetary compensation for the creation of works using someone else's intellectual property is a major no-no. It doesn't matter if your backers are only getting early access, you've essentially set up a pay wall to access an IP that you haven't licensed. 

A lot of IP holders are cool with fans creating fan work as long as it's for free because they want to keep fans happy. However, as soon as money starts changing hands, those fans immediately get hit with a Cease-and-Desist notice. I've seen it happen to my friends.

I'm not a lawyer, but I've done a lot of IP research as it pertains to games development for my day job.

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