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Any reports of what's going on in German Nationals?

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We are currently on the way back from the nationals.

I will post a bit more tomorrow.

Just two points (or 3).

The german major rhymer has the errata text (close range).

Final was sloane vs sloane. Both lists were isd + 4 gozanti. I was flying the same list as i do in the vassal tournament. 

After the 4 rounds i were first with 34 points. 2nd and 3rd had 32 point with a mov difference of 4!!! 

And i won the final match (the sloane mirror).

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We were 32 player at the German nationals.
I have no full lists and could not make any statistics this time. 4 Rounds and a cut on Top 2 is really a lot for one day.

But the lists were really well mixed. Every ships was there, and the admirals were mixed as well (even when i didn't see a Tarkin or Sato, but it does mean there were non). 

I had 34 points after round 4. The last round (against Aresius) was only a 6-5. Both of us didn't want to risk to much (i had 28 points he was at 27 points with the 3rd one at 22 points). 
In the end the second hat 32 and the 3rd had as well 32 points. With a MOV difference of 4. Markus, the 3rd after round 3, really made a 10-1 with a MOV of 400. So he came in the cut. 

Final Standings after round 4 (sorry, i got only the Top28):

Rank Score MoV
1 34 889
2 32 731
3 32 727
4 28 398
5 26 344
6 26 284
7 26 276
8 25 594
9 25 228
10 24 491
11 24 368
12 24 276
13 23 176
14 22 94
15 21 416
16 21 291
17 21 234
18 21 150
19 21 119
20 21 86
21 20 329
22 20 280
23 20 256
24 20 120
25 20 106
26 20 95
27 20 39
28 17



The final top 2 match was nearly a mirror match. 
Markus (my opponent) had Sloane with an ISD II and 4 Gozanti. The ISD had some combat upgrades (Avenger, Boarding Troopers, Spinal, ECM, Leading Shots). One Gozanti had a Silcer tool and two had Comms Net. And somewhere Titus was hidding as well. The squadrons were Dengar, Zertik, Howlrunner, Valen, Mauler, Jendon, Saber. 
My list is here.

I was player 2 and we were playing my Most Wanted. With his ISD and my Gozanti as objective ships.
The Match process is fast told. The ISD were turning around, heading against each other head on head. both fired one broadside, and after this they passed each other without any further shots. His ISD could hunt down some of my Gozanti. In exchange i was able to kill all of his squadrons, and could take down 3 of his Gozanti with my squadrons (and a bit help from my ISD).
We didn't calculated the full score, but it was something around 150 in my favor. 


I have to add, that the location was really great and there was so much space. The tables and mats were as well way better than last year. The orga did as well a great job. 

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First of all, agree, muuuch better than last year location-wise, thx Michelle. Also thx TO Gobbo for running the event smoothly and relaxed (as always).

That I reached the final, and not Aresius, was due to a regional bye, an 8/3, a 6/5 against another regional winner (good game, cloooose game!) and mainly because my last opponent, 4th position at that point, miscalculated with his objective-choosing before the tournament and gave my 1st player Avenger a gunnery team while he couldnt really use as intended. This was a 10/1 with an MOV that just, juust, was enough. Aresius and Tokra played the last Swiss round against each other and split points 5/6...which pretty much precluded me as third to catch up. Almost... but again, I fully acknowledge that without the objective mishap I could not have flown Avenger as aggressively and would not have reached the final.

Against Tokra I inspected his cards before game start (sometime at 11pm?) and of course *saw* that his Avenger was geared for squad play, not boarding. Still, when the time came to engage his ISD-I, I was in full "his Avenger has boarding" mode, because, you know, the other Avengers all have boarding and ergo Tokras also has. I hit Tokras front arc with my own from long range and made good damage, then Tokra shot and closed to medium himself. It was close to short range, but it was still medium with a safety margin. I could not board myself, fired and frantically tried to find a way that would *not* leave me in his boarding range....which, yes, he didnt have from the start. I evaded the front but that meant he moved past me and we never traded meaningful shots, leaving his ISD and relay gozantis to make very short work of my remaining squads. I would of course have survived his front shots, I would always have had at least a green brace due to ECM, and then could have fired off my own boarding Avenger shot. Tokra thinks he could have moved out of my front and past my blocking ISD with speed 3 (no nav I think). I cant remember, I didnt look at that. If Tokra claims so, he likely calculated that through in his mind. I sure was tired, and Tokra must have been so himself (and he played one more game), but I love the grittiness involved in those high tier events (the more games the better), so thats no excuse.

The second thing that, for me, was crucial was that due to Tokras plus in fighters and hence deployment, my slicer chose the wrong position, or Tokra chose the correct one afterwards with his ISD. Of course the slice was there to take away his squad command as often as possible. My mistake was, naturally, that it was clear I would have had to set up first, so should have gone full central, with the most options to reach him. Alas, not this time...


So apart from this huge boarding blunder on my part, clearly Tokra (and Aresius) are better players and I am more than happy that I finished second.


I saw a lot of big ships, nothing less than at least 4 A wings, usually much more. Sadly, the days of the swarm seem over, and I also cant remember Nebs or Interdictors. Not even a gladiator, but that cant be, can it? I should have checked more closely, but there was really not much time.


So, all in all, another great experience with Star Wars Armada, yeah!


Oh, and yes: Fix relay, FFG, pretty pleeease.



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43 minutes ago, NebulonB said:

...I would of course have survived his front shots, I would always have had at least a green brace due to ECM,...

I might have no Boarding Troopers, but i have the squadrons for Sloane's effect on ships :P. This means your ECM is of no use against Avenger. I had enough Squadrons to make sure the Defense tokens are red or total gone At least the brace and contain. I might have lost a few Squadrons in the Squadron fight, because i had to pull off some for the ISD. But Stele+Jendon would have gone for your ISD and so would have a few normal TIE Fighter. I already thought about this when we were heading against each other ;). But than you were able to get out of my front arc, and so i gave it up to go for the ISD.

If you see how many damage i had done to the Gozanti (even with your Scatter), it might have been enough for the ISD as well. 
In the end i was happy that i didn't had to find it out and that we could move past each other without to much damage.

This is what i said at the nationals as well. Dengar is great. And Zertik is good to keep the Aces alive. But these are not good against ships (in combination with Sloane). You had only 4 Squadrons that can be used against ships for the Sloane Effect. I had 10 (12 blue dice with double Stele).

A lot asked me why i am not using Boarding Troopers . And i always said "why should i take it, i have Sloane (and need the offence slots for Boosted Comms and Hangar Bay)" :D. She is a bit random (if you just don't want to roll accuracy....). But even without any accuracy, the opponent will have to use them himself at some time. 12 damage, alone from the squadrons, do hurt way more than the ISD could. 


In the second Match i had to fight against 2 MC80. These were staying out of the ISD range for the full fight. And they had repair commands every turn, with Dial and Token most of the time. It took 2 1/2 turns for the Squadrons (and only the squadrons) to take it down. I had luck with a structure damage in the end, but i had as well some bad luck with 3x double crit rolls. Never underestimate a pack of squadrons who can reroll crits and kill the defense tokens on a ship :).

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good points. I was aware of the stripping possibility. Had I remained in position (and lets assume you could not have moved past my front arc), you would have had 5 squads with your ISD if you had activated her first. Those 5, I cant remember if they all would have been able to disengage from the squad fight AND reach my ISD. And then you would have needed accuracies to stop both redirects and the brace. Had you activated your flotillas first you would have had 2 squads before I could activate two (and another two after your two) of my own and maybe sacrifice them to block more of your squads (you had Chiraneau, yep, speed 2 might not have been enough, cant remember anymore). 

So if my ISD would have survived this one round, next would have been 9 dice with leading shots. I think you had two damage cards, so 9 hits or 8 and a structural (no side arc if we would have stayed locked). Not impossible, but quite a lot to ask for, AND as you say, my vivid imagination meant we never find out :)


Oh, I love this game :)



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