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FFG Canadian Nationals Weekend September 22-24

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401 Games is excited to announce that we will be helping host Fantasy Flight Games Canadian National Championships this year with events running from Friday, September 22nd until Sunday, September 24th!

Register for events on-line here.

Every event will be taking place at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale, located at 3450 Dufferin St, Toronto. The full schedule of events is as follows:


Registration Open    1:00 PM
A Game of Thrones Registration Cut-off    2:00 PM
A Game of Thrones Swiss    2:30 PM
Android: Netrunner Registration Cut-off    2:30 PM
Android: Netrunner Swiss    3:00 PM
Star Wars: Destiny Registration Cut-off    3:30 PM
Star Wars: Destiny Swiss    4:00 PM


Registration Open    9:00 AM
Star Wars: X-Wing Registration Cut-off 10:30 AM
Star Wars: X-Wing Swiss 11:00 AM
Star Wars: Destiny Top 16    11:30 AM
A Game of Thrones Top 8    1:00 PM
Android: Netrunner Top 8    2:30 PM


Registration Open    9:00 AM
Star Wars: Armada Registration Cut-off    10:00 AM
Star Wars: Armada Swiss 10:30 AM
Star Wars LCG Registration Cut-off    9:30 AM
Star Wars LCG Swiss 10:00 AM
Imperial Assault Registration Cut-off 9:30 AM
Imperial Assault Swiss 10:00 AM
Star Wars: X-Wing Top 16    11:30 AM

Player caps for each event are:
A Game of Thrones LCG - 76
Android: Netrunner - 56 
Imperial Assault - 40
Star Wars LCG - 32
Star Wars: Armada - 28
Star Wars: Destiny - 148
Star Wars: X-Wing - 148

Please continue to check back for additional information as we get closer to the event!



HOW TO PRE-REGISTER - add the desired event to your shopping cart, set for in store pick up, and that's it - you're good to go!

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