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Range 1 and Engagement

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I've got a weird question and I think I know the answer.

When a ship attacks, it measures card board to cardboard because the plastic does not count as a part of the hull zone.

Where do you measure a squad from? Plastic or cardboard? If it's from card board, you can have the scenario where squads are engaged but can't actually shoot each other, because you measure range from plastic to plastic, and attack range card board to cardboard. But since squads don't have a hull zone, this shouldn't apply right? 

Hull Zones - Page 6
A hull zone is a section of a ship token delineated by the two firing arc lines that border it. It does not include any part of the plastic base.
• Each ship has four hull zones: front, left, right, and rear.
• Squadrons do not have hull zones

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From the Rules Reference (emphasis added):


Measuring Firing Arc and Range: To measure attack range to or from a squadron, measure to or from the closest point of the squadron’s base.

Squadron: A squadron consists of a plastic squadron base, plastic fighters, a punchboard disk, a punchboard activation slider, and a squadron card.

To me that implies attack range for squadrons is measured from the plastic.

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