Doji Hotaru/Akodo Toturi Rules Clarification

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2 hours ago, Zesu Shadaban said:

 I'm sorry, I think you lost me somewhere between the Jade Rule and my popcorn running out... is there a TL;DR or even less long-winded version?

TL/DR - Ring effects specifically state the "attacking player" and "their opponent" do certain things.  If there is no "attacking player" than a ring does nothing, if there is an "attacking player" that player will do their part regardless of how the ring was activated.

Hotaru player can activate the ring - but doesn't say that player is the "attacking player" so if a different player is attacking they get to do the things.

The ring effects are:
Ring of Water - Attacking player chooses and readies a character, or bows a character with no fate
Ring of Fire - Attacking player chooses a character and honors or dishonors that character
Ring of Earth - Attacking player draws a card, and discards a card at random from their opponent's hand
Ring of Air - Attacking player chooses to gain 2 honor, or take 1 honor from their opponent
Ring of Void - Attacking player chooses a character and removes 1 fate from it

Since the rings specify attacking player, and the attacking player during a conflict stays the attacking player until it completes after all conflict steps, and Hotaru doesn't change this as other cards do (display of power) then it just gives her opponent the effect.

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