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Tommy Blunderbuss

Visual Dictionary and Incredible Cross Sections

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I'm thinking of ordering The Force Awakens RPG. I'll have a bit play, but my motive is to have the galaxy map and get a little inspiration.

I've pre-ordered the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Roleplaying game, and I hope to use it to create my own Journey to The Force Awakens and beyond. Obviously it is Original Trilogy, but I'm hoping it won't be too difficult to alter many of the vehicles into Resistance and First Order.

I'm guessing transforming an ISD into a Resurgent will be the most challenging.


Will the Visual Dictionary and Incredible Cross Sections help in creating vehicles and races from The Force Awakens?


P.S. If you're wondering why I'm posting here, it is because I am going to be getting this game and might well want to practice my creating skills in this rule set first.

It also might help anyone else who wonders if they can use those books to help.

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There is actually an abundance of material, with at least some new information, out there. It will still require some creativity on your part, but the books you indicated should definitely inform your work. Do not be afraid to check out some of the "reference" books designed for younger readers, either. My only experience GMing this game has been with my 6 year old. I haven't given hard stat's to anything new, but I've used the illustrations and descriptive fluff. I picked these titles up from the bargain shelf: 


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