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Tallanx-class Stealth Fighter picture?

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Fantasy Flight have been coming up with a lot of new ships and such... I just wish they worked out some art for them when they did.

That said, there is a fighter next to the freighter on page 118.  Is that the Tallanx, or can we identify that as something else?

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19 hours ago, RogueCorona said:

And what do you mean by what is its origin? It was created by FFG and first appeared in SoR.

Yep, that is what I meant.  Thought that was the case.

11 hours ago, Blackbird888 said:

Indeed, it's easy to miss (appropriately), but if you very closely at the corner of page 118 is a starfighter. Chances are high that it's the Tallanx, as it doesn't match the profile of anything else in Star Wars.

Ha! It was so stealthy I didn't even see it hiding in the shadows!  I think you are right.  They must be it.

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