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Random GenCon question that I think I already know the answer to

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I was in Indy for GenCon over the weekend, had a blast (duuuuhhhhh!), but as I was going through the Exhibit Hall, I noticed something amiss........

No dealers selling Armada
No dealers selling X-Wing
No dealers selling Imperial Assault or Rebellion

...........except FFG.

Did they have an exclusivity deal in place for GenCon? Just one of those things that made me say "Hmmmmm". No biggie either way, but when I saw that the only place I saw any of those product was in FFG's booth, just made me curious!

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It's not something that I haven't seen happen before.....Back when Monsterpocalypse was still going,  the manufacturer had exclusivity at GenCon for the Voltron set.


No biggie at all though; like I said, when I didn't see any around the exhibit hall, I was like "hmmmmm maybe FFG has their stuff exclusive"

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