I Kinda Would Like Some Ewoks

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36 minutes ago, Robin Graves said:

Disney doesn't pull punches: Bambi's mom? dead! Mufasa? dead! Frolo: God god Frolo, he wants to have sex with a hot gipsy chick and if he can't have her he'll burn her at the stake!

I was thinking about the latest Lego Ewok village... complete with Han roasting over a fire pit...


Not to mention the Storm Trooper helmets used as drums at the end of RotJ... 

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The Ewoks are our Gunboat.

As George Lucas once said about them, "Dare to be cute."


**just realized not everyone knows about the Gunboat**

In the X-wing Miniatures game. fans of the Gunboat had been clamoring for ages for their favorite Imperial ship. Their thread was one of the longest (THE longest?) X-wingers had, praying for a specific expansion.

Well, they finally got it!

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