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Force Friday

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I'd like to see a new core with the updated rules and damage deck. Included is an X-Wing repaint, with fixes, and some fresh pilots to sweeten the deal. Perhaps repainted Ties to match those in the Gozanti box.

This is for those who want to get into the game (like me) but who want to get GCW era and not have to get a TFA core just for the cards and rules.


I am checking eBay for rules and cards to avoid having to get a TFA core. Movement Templates, tokens and dice are available from a variety of places. But an OT core is still a good idea for pilots, astromechs, upgrades etc. 

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I'd actually be pretty happy with a Silencer/2xAwing set.  

Given it'll almost certainly be a Last Jedi set, I'd just as soon not see yet another core set.  For sequel trilogy fun, there's the TFA core.  Its as up to date as it gets without including a print copy of the latest FAQ in the box, or reprinted, corrected cards for a bunch of ships that don't even feature in the box, so aside from changing up the ships included for the sake of a facelift, I don't see what TLJ would offer in a new core.

As a personal note, I'd find it a bit irritating to see a core set for X-wing Miniatures which did not include an X-wing.  At least both current cores have one, be it T-65 or T-70.  The suggested Silencer/A-wing core would be an X-wing core without an X-wing...

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On 8/23/2017 at 10:08 PM, PanchoX1 said:

I'm guessing either a two pack or a large Bayship for force Friday. With an MSRP of 29.95. This may or may not be based on Intel acquired from my FLGS.

I as well have a "strong suspicion" that there will be a $30 mystery product that certain retail establishments may have been asked to order sight unseen (to avoid the leaks that happened last time).  

If my "strong suspicion" is correct, there are a few options:

1) large ship

2) aces style 2 ship pack

3) armada medium ship

4) campaign pack

5) Destiny 2 player starter

6) some kind of Legion demo pack

Now, with it only being one product, I think that rules out a large ship or an armada ship unless it is somehow dual faction (don't want to release something for only half/one third of the player base).  

I've heard something Legion related thrown around a lot, but it's just too early, plus there's no way they would toss all the stuff you need to play in a small pack like this BEFORE they start selling the $90 core.

So I think either a 2 ship aces pack or a destiny 2 player starter is most likely.  I hope it's a 2 ship pack, and furthermore I hope it's a Rogue One X-Wing + TIE something pack that brings us the fabled X-Wing pack.  However it is likely a TLJ tie in with two small ships from the movie that will then be added to wave 12 on their own.

TIE Silencer is a bit big to be in a $30 2 pack, but if the other ship is an A-Wing, that's small enough to balance out.  One Silencer and 2 A-Wings is just too much for $30 in my opinion.

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The more I think about it, the more I think this will just be the release date for Guns for Hire.  Here's a quote from the latest FFG release.

"Celebrate Force Friday II Weekend at your friendly local game store with a special Star Wars surprise from Fantasy Flight Games."

To me, that sounds like something will be IN the LGS on Force Friday.....Guns For Hire.

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13 minutes ago, ArbitraryNerd said:

New "product" doesn't necessarily mean anything. Could be new X-Wing product or some such.

... Not sure what else "new" they'd do on top of Legion and all the forthcoming expansions.

13 minutes ago, Sir13scott said:

Could that mean a new product for the game or a new game as the new product? 

"With the impending release of Star Wars™: The Last Jedi, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce their participation in Force Friday II with a new Star Wars product!" 

Idk, that seems pretty clear to me that it's something completely new. 

Is probably a standalone game like empire vs rebellion instead of a long term investment like...uh, all the other games. 

I hope it will be available at a retailers in addition to game stores. None of my local stores seem to be aware of it at all. 

2 minutes ago, TasteTheRainbow said:

Cool. We'll know by Tuesday. 

Tuesday? We won't know until Friday. 

Be sure to check out the Fantasy Flight Games website on September 1st for more information on this new product!

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I would love to see a cross-product Episode VIII pack. Like a Kylo Ren pack with components for a bunch of different games. A TIE Silencer for X-Wing, a Kylo figure and objective set for Imperial Assault, a new Kylo card and die for Destiny, a pod for the LCG, and an Officer upgrade card or TIE Silencer squadron for Armada. I think they could do all that in one $30 box.

Maybe release it with full-art or alt-art cards, with the regular art versions coming later in regular expansions for each of the respective games. That way they could make it limited edition as well.

I would be stoked for something like that.

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2 minutes ago, Kieransi said:

Me too! I would love that! 

Although, maybe the people who don't play all those games wouldn't like it as much...

I get that, but there's something cool about the something-for-everyone commemorative box that I really like. I don't play Destiny, I haven't played the LCG in about 18 months (and stopped buying new product), and it's been quite a while since IA made it to the table, but I would still jump on something like this in a heartbeat.

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