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My Take on Legion

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I am not new to FFG games now I have played Imperial Assault (with a friend doing Campaign) and I have played X-Wing at a game store a few times. I don't have the creative or artistic know how to paint models and "hobby craft" my friend tends to take a few models, file and paint etc... 

Anyways that out of the way, I really don't care what size the models are, I am sure FFG will release terrain and there are people who own a 3d printer that can do it too and no doubt hobby sites and eBay will be littered with terrain and mats etc to make the game look nice on the table top.

I had seen rumours of the game and thought about how if it turned out like Warhammer with a multitude of options for building I would instantly be put off, to me IA is perfect because the figures are there ready to go from the start, then I bought into Bolt Action (never really kicked off) and I enjoyed reading the rules and the building the army.

My take on Legion is literally a Bolt Action style game with the FFG throwing in cards instead of a Squad Codex which is perfectly fine, I honestly like the idea though I would have like to have seen them use more of the 6 sided diced and order dice like Bolt Action.

So without the saltiness around from other people, I pre-ordered my Legion copy today, I don't have to sit and complain about expansion in this game effecting any type of "Canon" because from what I gather there isn't a story narrative to this, it is literally taking the Skirmish mode out of Imperial Assault and making it much much better! That way those of us that enjoy the Imperial Assault campaign wont have to hopefully worry about stupid expansion that don't make sense to the timeline they set the game in.

Here is one excited Star Wars fan looking forwards to the release of Legion and getting to play a large scale war in my bedroom with my friend. 


P.S: I am hoping they release alternative versions of the characters (Luke - ANH, ESB, RotJ and TFA) etc,..

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