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Could the magic system be adapted into a martial arts system?

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So far we have seen (or surmised) that the magic system works by taking simple magic attacks and then adding additional modifiers on to them to simulate flashy spells. A nice free form system that can pseudo-simulate the cool spells from Vancian magic type systems (like DnD).

One of the big gripes I have with most role playing systems is the really flat martial arts mechanics. Basically all you can do is hit harder, occasionally more opponents. Some systems (such as cortex) allow you to specify specific types of martial arts (like kung fu or what have you) but it really just translates to better dice, with there being little/no differences between boxing and aikido. There's no way to simulate the finer points of a martial arts style such as redirecting attacks, or dodging, or non-lethal take downs.

However, if we apply the same system used in magic to martial arts checks (melee, brawl, ect), you could add additional effects to make some flashy fighting moves. There was a little of that in the Star Wars games (especially the FaD rules) but they could be expanded upon even more. Depending on the talents and add ons taken, your character could authentically simulate a particular fighting style.

  • A round house kick that takes out three goons in one shot is simply a brawl check with a Blast rating.
  • A Bruce Lee character could have a "Reflect" like talent that negates incoming attacks and on a Triumph or X Advantages redirects it to another engaged opponent
  • Aikido could be simulated by giving attacks armor penetration that goes right to strain damage (Pressure Points talent, anyone?)

The same could be done with melee weapons if you want something more over the top and able to keep up with fire arms (like Raiden from Metal Gear Rising). Everything from boxing to over the top styles like Gun Kata from Equilibrium could be simulated given the right perks and bonuses.

Just some thoughts sparked from the great discussions about the magic system reveal, and an idea that could find a place in any system or story.

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In the FFG Warhammer RPG there was a  wide variety of combat actions that gave a huge array of possibilities. I can absolutely see different Martial arts styles being developed around the Spell system, it would be fairly easy and really cool.

I could certainly see it stretching all the way from no-magic "real world" settings right through to crazy Airbender, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Mortal Combat themes.


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