Bring on the Alpha Strike (News)

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4 minutes ago, Managarmr said:

Boldly calling it:

Scrambler Missiles

3 att dice, range 2-3

Attack (Target lock)

Discard this card to perform this attack. If this attack hits the defender suffers 1 damage and receives 2 rapsberry Jam tokens. Then cancel all dice results.


I mean, it was right there

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17 hours ago, Vineheart01 said:

Yeah but there isnt a single "Perform a targetlock action" clause, closest we get is a flatout free action and we choose a targetlock. Thats the main thing i dont get, unless you are choosing the targetlock action you will never be stress-denied a TL.

That's true. I suspect the difference is because of the flavor of Target Locks versus Focus tokens. Having a Focus token is thematically representing the pilot of the ship concentrating. A lot of upgrades that interact with Focus tokens are themed around the skill or mental state of the pilot (Calculation, Intensity, Marksmanship, Expertise, Mindlink, Cool Hand, Rage, etc.).  Having a Target Lock is thematically representing the ship's computer doing math to help aim the guns/munitions. Most Target Lock related upgrades are themed around technology (Fire-Control System, Long Range Scanners, various astromechs, K4) or a crew member who runs the targeting computer (Weapons Engineer, Systems Officer, Targeting Coordinater, etc.). It makes sense to me that when a pilot is stressed, it is harder for them to concentrate, but their computer keeps working just fine.

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