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Why pick Imperials?

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Pro-Imperial, with rose-colored glasses:

1. High PS ships.  They're probably only about tied with Scum now, in terms of effective high PS ships, but VI-Ordnance aces and RAC are still solid, perhaps the best ships in their role.  They still also have the most options for PTL-type aces.  Not necessarily the *best* options, but a strong variety of that kind of ship.

2. TIE Phantom.  It's not top-tier (too many things counter them now), but there's nothing else like it.  I feel like the Star Wing could also be something unique--not necessarily the best, but able to do some kinds of things which no other ship can do.  Being able to slam and still shoot, depending on the dial, could be incredibly fun.

3. It's the Highroll faction.  If you want to embrace variance, try to get luck with green dice, Imperials do this better than any other faction.  It's not necessarily the best strategy, but no one really does it as well. There's nothing sweeter than flying a few Defenders (highroll potential backed up by solid shields) into the heart of a Att 2 swarm and coming out clean.  It won't always happen, but it's not implausible for a Defender to do it.  A ship on two agility can't even make it to plausibility.  A Y-Wing with 8 HP on 1 agility is statistically more survivable than 5 HP on 2 agility and LWF for the Aggressor, but maybe you can get lucky and roll those triple evades.

4. Repositioning on basic ships.  Every small-base ship has a reposition action.  All of them.  You pay for it, but you have it built in.  Core ships for other factions don't have this. That said, it feels like almost every Scum ship for a while has had a barrel roll, at least.

On the other hand:

They just feel old.

Like Rebels, Imperial faction identity pretty much ossified in the earlier days of X-Wing.  The kind of re-positioning ace they used to be best at is just an outdated part of the game.  6+ ship swarms are mostly a thing of the past.  The Scyk (after some time in the wilderness with the pre-errata title) is now a more interesting, more options version of a TIE fighter.  The Firespray is pretty much the epitome of a ship which just feels old, without anything necessarily being that bad or wrong about it.  The only real new thing they got in wave 11 was a secondary Turret platform, which the other factions have always had, and with multiple options, too.

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Because Daddy will cut off your trust fund if you sign on with those rebellion goons and you havent the guts/inclination to become an entrepreneur and roll around gleefully in credits./roleplaying

Seriously, wasn't it a point of pride to play Imperials because you had to be the best? Thats what Imperial players used to say when they weren't complaining... I'd think it counts for something.

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