Capt. Griff

2nd Place North American Championship Battle Report (2 Activation List)

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@Hrathen Unfortunately, it was not. Granted, thats OK with me. I got my butt handed to me ;).

@Darth evil Typically I start my two ships pretty close together. Around distance 1-2 depending on obstacle placement. I set my guys at speed 3. As an ISD 1 you need to get into the fray as fast as possible. I used to do corner deployment, but recently I have been digging center deployment. My first command is pretty much always a navigate. I will normally take the token so that way I can make an emergency slow down when things get harry. Then after that I spam squad command until I think that in a couple turns I won't be able to scramble them all with both ships due to them dying off. At this point its determined by situation but I find navigate command to be the most flexible in the later stage of the game so you can do some cool Arc Dodge stuff after you fire your big gun. 

Hopefully this helps.

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