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Today was like Christmas.

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1 hour ago, Memorare said:

New ships AND Star Wars legion. Oh plus Fallout and L5r just for extra joy!

I play rebels and scum, but it's the freaking gunboat! How awesome is that? Will I be buying 3? Bet your tauntaun I will be! 

Merry early Christmas ffg!


Fallout doesn't interest me but other than that it all seems very intriguing...

i can't wait to see the new firing arc rules for the scum ship and the new upgrade cards that the expansions come with.

its an interesting time indeed to be an FFG fan ;)

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Oh yeah, wave 12 was a solid shot of rejunevating excitement all around. Wave 11 I was sorta interested in Havoc before we knew what was in the box, and the rest was "wait to see the mechanics before the excitement hit".

The wave 12 scum ship is a "meh" but the new mechanic sounds interesting. The phantom ii was the obvious choice but it could be interesting. It doesn't look overly broken on first glance like some things have and I like how it could be a small base command ship. And the gunboat has made it's glorious return... I had to struggle really hard to contain myself at work when they said "the last ship is the most requested one in the forums...." Like "no way, they didn't? This is a trick right? GUNBOAT!!!" 

I make it a point to have one of everything, then buy multiples of stuff I need multiples of because they're good... Gunboat is getting multiple copies no matter how "bad" it is just for epic and custom missions.

And I'll happily work with anyone who wants to see if we can't devise a HotAC AI for gunboat because the only reason it's not in HotAC is it wasn't a ship yet - canonically it would be perfectly available during the campaign.

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I swear, FFG should just draft my account each month for all the things. 

I'm totally a Scum & Villainy guy, have been since it was released, but the completionist in me wants at least 1 of each model, two if they are cheap on the table.

Edit: Oh yeah, Gunboat ftw!

If Legion becomes popular enough, which, there's no reason it shouldn't if only for the models, can you imagine the expansions possible?

Even the games I don't like that much are fun to muddle through a time or two, then sell on eBay.

I've been fighting my urges to get into Armada just for the models... The game is fun - I just prefer X-wing... but the models!

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