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Winter Court Roles - or, How To Start A Complaints Thread

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5 minutes ago, InquisitorM said:

We plan to butcher you like cattle before you get any gains from your shenanigans. Simple.

We are Crab. Our duty IS death. Feel free to take over the defense of the wall.

No? Keep playing samurai with the other children. Yes? After a few generations you will become us.

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2 hours ago, shosuko said:

Keeper Initiate coming from the Discard means you can use it as a sacrifice card, chump blocker, extra attacker for a last conflict, or even keep for Imperial Favor...  Being able to get 1-2 of these from your discard FREE is deceptively strong.

Seeker Initiate is far too over priced.  The ability is okay, but you have to dump 2 fate for a 1/1 first, and then play to win that ring.  The Keeper just sits there and works whenever it happens.

Solid post. 


Given the results of the 1-Core games, with Dragon coming up on top with 8 (?) players, I am seriously confused right now. Though I still believe that single Core deck is simply "off" and doesn't give us a true feel of the game (as the game was designed, tested and costed with the play-testers having access to 3 copies of each card), I am still of the belief that the Crane Clan has the best 'tools' for the job, and even more so with a Scorpion splash. Conversely, a Scorpion deck with maybe a Crane splash would exhibit the same amount of flexibility and strength that I imagine Crane to have, but I digress...

Coming back to the quoted snip above, I was of the opinion that the Seeker Initiate was a better choice for a Dragon deck, and even more so for a Phoenix deck that I was tinkering with. Now, after reading feedback from players, I am in the opposite camp.  

Again, I am confused. More gaming (well, actual gaming) needs to be had before I begin posting deck compositions and opinions on deck making. As of right now, my math and judgement concerning what should go into my Dragon deck (the only deck that I am giving much thought to) is going onto the back burner. 

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