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Super Leaked Info on wave 15 (totally real)

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3 minutes ago, Trevor Goodchild said:

They have a mechanic where you now have to flick the shield tokens at the ships to inflict damage... ...real damage. 

Guess they felt that was safer than what a beta tester told me.  They had ship mounted BB guns that fired at the RC ships flying around over head.

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Seems this post wasn't Quite as far off timewise as the poster and repliers thought at the time - we're up to wave 14 actual speculation now!

Since Wave 14 will be the random stuff, My speculation for wave 15 is:

1, 2 : All the stuff in TLJ or Rebels that hasn't been in waves 13 and 14 (probably not much),

3: some random Legends fighter like cloakshape, or (I hope) TIE predator,

4, 5, (6): And Tie-in stuff for Ep9. (announced later)



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