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Tiberius the Killer

What games do you play?

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On 8/18/2017 at 8:40 PM, Tirion said:



Games I Play:

Imperial Assault



Bolt Action


Risk: Europe

Heroscape (Favorite of All time, love teaching people this game, then sadly breaking their hearts when I tell them you can't get it anymore.)

Games I played up until 3 days ago:


Runewars Miniature Game.

Konflict 47

Games I did play/Own:

40 K several times

Mage Knight



WH Fantasy Briefly


Wotc Star Wars Miniatures



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Hey @Lord Ashram, what's the age of sail game on the dinner plate sized map? Looks interesting!


I currently play Armada and Rebellion the most... I used to be a frequent X-Wing player until Scum was released, and I didn't care at all for that content (though with the Gunboat....) Had Epic 40K still been in print, I would have been playing that too.

While I own Imperial Assault it never really caught on as much as other games. From FFG, I also enjoy Chaos in the Old World.

Occasionally I'll also run an Edge of the Empire game or two.

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I play Warhammer 40,000 and Imperial Assault. As you can probably imagine, this game is a dream come true for me if it goes the distance. 

I've also played some of Knight Models stuff, so Batman Miniature game and the now retired Marvel Universe. 

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In order from most to least often:




Imperial Assault




Various board games (Rebellion and Star Trek Ascendancy).


i used to play X-Wing a lot, but disliked the direction of the game and sold it off. And at one point I was all about Warmahordes (like....went to international tournaments every year level), but burnt out totally on that.



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Played X-wing, sold most of it now. Love the game but don't like the competitive side anymore.  

Play Imperial Assault and Destiny competitively. Those are probably my main games right now. 

Also been into Warhammer, 40K and various GW products for about 20 years.   

Outside of miniatures and competitive gaming I play a ton of board games and video games 


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Keeping it just miniatures related:

X-Wing (although that has taken a back seat due to burnout)


Blood Bowl

Age of Sigmar


Imperial Assault (but haven't played in a long time and it's probably getting shelved or sold)

Future Games:



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On 8/18/2017 at 11:06 PM, ryanabt said:

Will you be my friend?

Seriously though, what system do you use for ACW? I have always wanted to play an ACW mini game.



First sure, I need more friends!:). I generally use Longstreet, by Sam Mustafa... great game with a fantastic campaign system.  I even modeled an army for a campaign we played, showing casualties and changes in the force as we went.  Here are some blog posts about it.



@Soulless come on by man, I'd be happy to play  a few games!:)  I've got the food and drink covered...



@Norsehound the ships are repurposed Pirates of the Spanish Main ships, based for my own rule set.  I tend to do a LOT of my own rules:). The board is actually the top of a cocktail table... my neighbor runs a party equipment business and was throwing it out... I grabbed it, and two different blue spray paints and a black pen later, voila!:)


Oh, and for the FFG people, I DO have a lot of Armada and X Wing stuff on my blog... here are some links of all of them:



Those are all the armada links, including building custom scenery, painting ships, and yes, a bunch of games!


Those are all the x wing links, including custom built and painted ships, scenery, and yes, more games:)




A lot of gamers here... and it seems like a fair number who can put paint on a figure... you folks who don't want to paint, there's your workforce!:)

Edited by Lord Ashram

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