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Pictures of wave 12

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They are clearly early quick-done models. The fact that they werent even hinted at before and now theres physical models on display shows that.
Otherwise we could have these in a couple months, and more than likely we'll have them in the tail end of november

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That gunboat is very much Fractal's pattern. Long exposed main laser cannons, ball-turret like ion assembly, solar panels in the wings...

14 minutes ago, Blail Blerg said:

The Gunboat looks really clunky... too cluttered. I was hoping it was going to be sleek.  Also, that off white is really off. 

Y'know... the TIE Defender looks really stunted and ugly when you look at it from the side. It looks better and better when you slowly pan it towards the front, until you get the nice sharp three-wing cockpit profile. But it's certainly stubbier than the original long-body model with wings instead of struts for the panel connection.

A good comparison of where it was and where it is, is here. The original TIE/D looked more like a heavy fighter than a TIE Interceptor with a third wing glued on.



....in any case though, I'd be happy to own four Assault Gunboats for a full flight group. I just wish FFG could have cut the crap out of the TIE Aggressor and TIE punisher and gave this to us a lot sooner. Something to properly hunt down these out of control pirates and scum with.

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26 minutes ago, Pewpewpew BOOM said:

I keep reading references to cards that come with these ships. 

Where are those pics?

I think this is the best we've got: https://twitter.com/WatchItPlayed/status/898578461777829888/photo/1

People are just very dedicated.

Surely FFG will release an article tomorrow, so if you value your eyesight wait for the official pictures.

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