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Wave 12 Announced!

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7 minutes ago, Vineheart01 said:

The new action looks like a Recycle type icon...its two arrows pointing at each other in a circle. Usually recycle is in a triangle form but same idea.

Perhaps action to get discarded ordnance back?

There is a new rules card in the back of the fan you can make out the title of - 'reload action'

I imagine that's what it is.

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Phantom2 has an aux arc....crew/droid/ept....

What is with the rebels getting these odd support ships? Do they want to bury the uwing even more? lol....

PS9 at 20pts. We know that one has an EPT, and this is a PS where this is a viable strat anyway.
BB8 + PTL + Jyn for 27pts. Reveal green for roll, PTL for coordinate (give someone a TL), green move to clear stress, regular move for Jyn which works with all printed firing arcs.

Seriously how many seemingly random mini-supports do rebels need? lol


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Just now, Viktus106 said:

This is true. 

If it is indeed reload then we could have the attack wing "action to flip" munitions.


Looks like it's gonna be more a Roll a Dice to reload, with a risk of jamming your ordinance instead. Merging both Gunboats into one thing isn't the worst thing in the world, and as much as I'm lukewarm on the model itself, the Gila monsters bullseye arc interests me all the same.

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4 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:


I'm generally a fan of th large and goofy, especially stuff like the K and SCURRG

But this? This is a **** ugly wave

Except the gunboat. Acceptable wingspan 


I don't hate the Phantom II, but...even seeing it on TV, yeah, it's...kinda lame looking.

The Kimogila, though...holy crap, that has GOT to be the ugliest ship ever to grace the Star Wars license.  I mean, that gives Han Solo's Baleen-class a run for its money.

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So this is what I understand of the Gunboat Expansion Pack.

Atk: 2

Ev: 2

Hull: 4

Shields: 3

Actions: Focus, Target Lock, SLAM, Reload

Upgrade Bar: (named: EPT) Missile, Torpedo

Included Cards (pre-existing)


Cruise Missiles 

New Included Cards:

XG-1 Assault Configuration (mod)

Linked Batteries? (Cannon)

Jammer Beacon/Beam? (Cannon)

Mystery EPT

Mystery Modification.




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