Wave 12 Announced!

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1 minute ago, The Penguin UK said:

Isn't that a **** ship for rebels...


Not really? Let's see what the stats and mechanics are first.

Also very curious to see how this "Bullseye firing arc" on the new Scum ship will play out. Looks like it will reward you more for having ships directly ahead of you, which will probably be easier to line up against large ships.

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4 minutes ago, GreenDragoon said:

What actions can we make out there?


Gunboat has 4, PhantomII has 3 and the Kimogila also 4. All have focus and target lock.

Gunboat has weapons disabled tokens, so maybe SLAM?

PhantomII could have a barrel roll

Kimogila also has weapons disabled tokens, so also SLAM?

They said in the presentation that gunboat has SLAM.

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